China Halts Release of Youth Unemployment Numbers After Figures Soar to Record Highs

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China announced on Tuesday the authorities will no longer release its youth unemployment numbers after figures hit a new high this month.

The regime does not want the truth to get out to the public on how bad things are in the communist regime.

CNN reported:

China has suspended the release of monthly data on joblessness among young people, after the figure hit consecutive record highs in recent months amid a broader economic slump.

The news, which drew immediate backlash and ridicule on social media, was announced by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Tuesday, when it released its regular batch of monthly economic indicators. Previously, the NBS unveiled urban unemployment rates for 16- to 24-year olds each month.

Fu Linghui, a spokesman for the NBS, explained it was because the current statistics “need to be improved.”

The South China Morning Post reported:

Beijing’s decision to stop its monthly release of exceedingly worrisome and record-breaking youth-unemployment data has ignited concerns over data transparency and economic ramifications – as such key figures are vital for economists and investors to accurately gauge the state of China’s economic slowdown.

More than one out of every five people aged 16-24 in China has been unemployed since April, and the rate rose for the year’s first six months before authorities decided a recalibration was in order and chose not to release the July rate.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) had been expected to release the July figure on Tuesday along with other economic data that highlighted an across-the-board weakening of China’s economy.

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