The Knesset should switch the name of Israel to Palestine. The use by Arabs of the name “Palestine” is cultural appropriation, the Jews were called Palestinians before the Arabs

The Knesset should switch the name of Israel to Palestine. The use by Arabs of the name “Palestine” is cultural appropriation, the Jews were called Palestinians before the Arabs
By Ezequiel Doiny
1 – The Knesset should switch the name of Israel to Palestine
On January 13, 2014 Elder of Zion wrote “I was wrong. There really are a Palestinian people.
“Mea culpa.

“Years of historical research on this blog has been rendered utterly useless by a concise yet brilliant post on Mondoweiss – by Mondo himself.  Here it is in its entirety:

“I had no idea there was a coin that said “Palestine” on it! That proves that today’s Palestinians had a free and independent nation in 1927!

“Now, some residents of Palestine did not like the idea of a Palestinian currency and their leaders called to boycott it and to keep using the Egyptian pound – but, luckily, other Palestinians who were more forward thinking supported the idea, and it became the official currency of Palestine.

“Further research into the issue, once my eyes were no longer blinded by propaganda, shows that these forward-thinking Palestinians didn’t just stop there in their quest to build their nation. No, they built up other Palestinian institutions.

“For example, the Palestine international soccer (football) club, recognized by FIFA, played five international games in the 1930s. Unfortunately, they only won one, against Lebanon, 5-1. Goals in that game were scored by Palestinian players Herbert Meitner (2), Avraham Schneiderovitz, Gaul Machlis and Werner Kaspi.

“Time magazine in 1937 had a feature story on the inaugural performance of the Palestine Symphony Orchestra. The article starts off with “As a full Palestine moon rode one evening last week over Tel Aviv… thousands … began to move toward the Levant Fair Grounds. There they packed the Italian Pavilion to capacity to hear great Arturo Toscanini lead Palestine’s first civic orchestra through its first performance.” Yes, the Palestinians of 1937 were cultured and were lovers of classical music. A Palestinian opera was even performed in New York in 1934.

“There were, of course, Palestine stamps as well. This one shows an ancient Palestinian holy site in Bethlehem. (Unfortunately, it is not visible today, because there is an ugly tall wall that turned it into a fortress.)

“Palestinians worked hard to attract tourists to Palestine so they could proudly show off their country.

“The same Palestinians also created regional fairs to show off their products and to trade with their Arab neighbors:

“Palestinians even exhibited at the World’s Fair in New York in 1939.

“There was a Palestine Post newspaper, as well as the earlier Palestine Bulletin, written by the most prominent Palestinian journalists of the day.

“My research found that Palestinians were not only active in the 20th century, but they had been there through the millennia. This entry from an encyclopedia describes a stunning and encyclopedic work of Palestinian scholarship from the 4th and 5th centuries CE, written by hundreds of the brightest people in Palestine, known as the Palestinian Talmud. This work has been referred to by Middle Eastern and European scholars throughout the ages. That one work alone shows how strong the ties are between Palestinians and their land.

“There are plenty of other examples of scholarship researching the ancient culture of Palestine. Here. for example, is a 19th century book about the customs and traditions of Palestine over the ages.

“All in all, there is a massive amount of evidence and literature that all proves that throughout the centuries, there has been a people living in Palestine as well as their kin who longed to return to Palestine from their diaspora. In the 20th century, they became known to the Western world as Palestinians. These people ranged from the ordinary to the clerical to the political, always trying to improve the land of their ancestors which they held sacred. They never forgot Palestine and when they were given the chance, they jumped at building their nation in the land of Palestine.

“There are outsiders who invaded Palestine, though. They came in waves. Some settled there, some moved on, but none of them have been there as long as the Palestinians who were there originally. They often persecuted the people who identified as Palestinians, both the natives of Palestineand their cousins who came to rejoin them. They never identified as Palestinian themselves in the era of the coins, stamps, and orchestras. Yet this other group, which used to call themselves Southern Syrians or simply Arabs, makes claims today that they are the real Palestinians!

“Of all the peoples of the world, the Palestinians who deserve most to live there are the ones who have the strongest ancient historic ties to the land as well as the people who worked hardest to build a modern state in Palestine in the first half of the 20th century – against the wishes of the invaders.  These Palestinians have an unbroken chain of history and culture from their ancestors living there in ancient times through today.  The Palestinian people who worked to rebuild their nation are the ones who deserve to live there the most, from a historical, legal and moral perspective.

“Every modern, liberal person must support the human rights of these indigenous Palestinian people to live, in peace and security, in the land that they have lived in and longed for throughout the ages.

“Yes, there was a geographical area called Palestine for 2000 years. It might not have been the original name, but the residents who identified with it the most throughout that time are the ones who are the real Palestinian people.”
The Knesset should switch the name of Israel to Palestine.
The Jews were called Palestinians before the Arabs, the Knesset must claim the name Palestine back to the Jews, the change of one word would reveal Arab lies. It is easy to prove that the original Palestinians were Jews, this will destroy the Arab narrative.
The use by Arabs of the name “Palestine” is cultural appropriation, the Jews were called Palestinians before the Arabs.
Part 2 – The Knesset should enshrine Smotrich’s statement in law and forbid  to call Arabs “Palestinians”, call them “Arabs” instead
On March 20, 2023 Arutz 7 reported “Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich spoke at an event in Paris on Sunday night, during which he stated that “the Palestinian people are an invention that is less than 100 years old.”
“Speaking at a tribute event in memory of Likud activist Jacques Kupfer, who died of cancer two years ago, Smotrich said, “Jacques’ truth must be told with all our might and without confusion, he said there is no such thing as Palestinians – because there is no such thing as a Palestinian people. We need to tell the truth without bowing to the lies and distortions of history, and without succumbing to the hypocrisy of BDS and the pro-Palestinian organizations.”
“Smotrich claimed in his remarks that he himself is Palestinian. “My grandfather, who was the 13th generation in Jerusalem, is the real Palestinian. My grandmother, who was born in Metula more than 100 years ago to a family of pioneers, is Palestinian.”
“He noted the rules of international law and said that “the rules have five characteristics that define a nation – history, culture, language, currency and historical leadership. Who was the first Palestinian king? What language do the Palestinians have? Has there ever been a Palestinian currency? Is there a Palestinian history or culture? There isn’t any.”
“There are Arabs who are in the Middle East and who arrived in the Land of Israel at the same time as the Jewish Aliyah and the early days of Zionism. After 2,000 years of exile, the people of Israel are returning home, and there are Arabs around who do not like it. So what do they do? They invent a fictitious people and claim fictitious rights in the Land of Israel just to fight the Zionist movement,” added the Minister of Finance.
“This truth should be heard here in the Elysee Palace. This truth should also be heard by the Jewish people in the State of Israel who are a little confused, this truth should be heard in the White House in Washington. The whole world needs to hear this truth, because it is the truth – and the truth will win,” said Smotrich.”
What Smotrich said is true, there is no “Palestinian people”. The Knesset should enshrine Smotrich’s statement in law and forbid  to call Arabs “Palestinians”, call them “Arabs” instead.
Calling them Arabs instead of Palestinians would make it clear that the conflict is not a Palestinian-Israeli conflict but an Arab-Israeli conflict depicting the real magnitude of the conflict where the only small Jewish State is facing the 22 Islamic States from the Arab League, where Israel and the Jewish People are the underdog.
On January 13, 2023 Melanie Phillips wrote in Israel Hayom “…There was no “Palestinian people” in antiquity.  The “Palestinian people” didn’t exist at all until it was invented in the 1960s in a strategy to destroy Israel cooked up by Yasser Arafat, the Egyptian-born head of the Palestine Liberation Organization, in cahoots with the Soviet Union.
“During the 1920s and 1930s, many of the Arabs who were the 20th-century ancestors of today’s “Palestinians” poured into what is now Israel and the disputed territories from neighboring Arab states in pursuit of the prosperity they believed would result from the return of the Jews to their ancestral Jewish homeland.
“Despite this, the “Palestinians” have gone to laughable lengths to assert that they were the original inhabitants of the land. For example, they have claimed to be descended from the Philistines – who were in fact ancient Greeks.   PA chief Mahmoud Abbas has claimed that the “Palestinians” are indigenous to Israel because they are descended from the Canaanites. “This land is for its people, its residents and the Canaanites who were here 5,000 years ago – and we are the Canaanites!” he declared in 2019.  There is no evidence for this whatsoever…”
The Romans renamed the Jewish Kingdom of Judea with the name “Palestine” after the Bar Kochba revolt. The Jewish Virtual Library describes “In the 2nd century CE, the Romans crushed the revolt of Shimon Bar Kokhba (132 CE), during which Jerusalem and Judea were conquered, and the area of Judea was renamed Palaestina in an attempt to minimize Jewish identification with the land of Israel.  According to Lewis Feldman, the appellation was likely chosen because it was common to use the name of the “nearest and most accessible tribe.”
The Jewish Virtual Library explains “…the Philistines were a non-Semitic people who left Crete and arrived in Canaan at the beginning of the 12th century B.C.E. The Philistines inhabited the Mediterranean coast of Canaan during the period of the Book of Judges…”
The Palestinians have no connection with the ancient Philistines, they themselves admit to be Arabs. Article 1 of the Palestinian National Charter of 1968 declares “Palestine is the homeland of the Arab Palestinian people; it is an indivisible part of the Arab homeland, and the Palestinian people are an integral part of the Arab nation.”
As the Palestinians themselves declare they are Arabs. The Knesset should forbid using the word “Palestinian”, call them Arabs instead. Calling them Arabs instead of Palestinians would make it clear that the conflict is not a Palestinian-Israeli conflict but an Arab-Israeli conflict depicting the real magnitude of the conflict where the only small Jewish State is facing the 22 Islamic States from the Arab League, where Israel and the Jewish People are the underdog.
The Arab League calls the conflict “the Arab-Israeli conflict” not the “Palestinian-Israeli conflict”. The website of the Arab League reports ” The Arab-Israeli conflict is one of the most complex and prolonged historical conflicts known to the contemporary world…The Palestinian issue represents the central issue of the Arab countries, and it is at the core of the interest of joint Arab action and a permanent item on the agenda of the League Council at its various levels. The Palestinians, and the interest of the Arab League in the Palestinian issue dates back to before the announcement of the establishment of “Israel”.1948, where it issued Resolution No. 16 regarding the boycott of Zionist goods and products on 2/12/1945, then the university held an Inshas Summit in the Arab Republic of Egypt on 5/29/1946, to issue a set of resolutions in support of Palestine, including Resolution No. 3, which states that Zionism is an imminent danger, not only for Palestine, but for all Arab countries and Islamic peoples. Therefore, standing up to this sweeping danger has become a duty for all Arab countries and Islamic peoples…”
Jews have been persecuted and expelled from most Middle East Countries and they managed to find refuge in Israel, a country smaller than New Jersey. reported that since 1948, 850,000 Jews have been expelled from Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lybia, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia,Yemen and other Middle East Countries. Israel is the only safe heaven for Jewish refugees in the Middle-East.
The conflict is not Palestinian-Israeli, it is Arab-Israeli and it should be described accurately. To describe the conflict accurately Israeli government officials should always use in the background  a picture of Israel’s map surrounded by the 22 maps of Arab League countries to remind the audience of how small Israel (the ONLY Jewish State) is compared to the 22 Islamic States. Also the Israeli PM should always use a picture of Mecca next to Jerusalem in the background,  outdoor banners with a picture of the Kaaba in Mecca next to a picture of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount should be placed next to each entrance of Jerusalem’s Old City to remind visitors that Jerusalem is the spiritual capital of Judaism while Mecca is the spiritual capital of Islam.

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