The DEATH of freedom? UN unleashing “digital army” to censor online “disinformation” all around the world

The unelected, globalist-controlled ruling body known as the United Nations (UN) is “building a digital army” to police and censor free speech online – and it is doing so using your tax dollars.

In order to maintain its position as a global leader in the “fight against online misinformation,” the UN is taking it upon itself to try to align the totality of humanity under the banner of controlled information as dispensed by the globalists.

No longer will individuals be allowed to freely share information online when doing so goes against a dictate or narrative of the establishment. Anything that defies the official story on any given subject will be deemed as “deadly disinformation” that must be removed from the web.

An announcement on the UN’s website explains that all forms of “disinformation” are “deadly,” posing an “existential” risk to what the globalist body says are the core building blocks of modern society.

In order to keep themselves perched at the top of the pyramid, the globalists must maintain total control over all “democratic institutions” and the “fundamental human rights” they supposedly dispense.

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UN using alarmist war-like language in reference to stamping out free speech

It is no longer acceptable for social media platforms and search engines to merely post warnings or “fact checks” in conjunction with what the globalists deem as “fake news.” The UN is gunning to silence everyone, using words like “war” and “battlefield” to describe the endeavor.

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In the minds of those who run the UN, free speech and the First Amendment are a threat to their control structure. Thus, the globalists are now waging war on all of us who dare to say or share information that threatens the globalist power grid.

Interestingly, the UN’s war-like language is the same as that of fake president Joe Biden and his censorship-obsessed regime. Many of the UN’s proposed “solutions” to “misinformation” are the very same ones Biden and Co. inflicted on Americans during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic.”

As part of its “peacekeeping” efforts, the UN hopes to deal swiftly and thoroughly with “large-scale misinformation” of the kind that would cause people to question whether or not COVID is even real, for instance, or whether face masks do anything beyond suffocate wearers.

The UN wants to take a more “proactive” approach to cracking down on free speech, recommending that this same approach also be unleashed on war-torn, poverty-stricken Africa, which is likewise under “attack” by free thought.

It is the belief of the world’s globalists that they know better than anyone else what is “real” and “true,” and that they were chosen to guide the human herd into right-think and right-speak.

This is where the UN’s “Verified” initiative comes into play, this being a “free” course offered by the globalist body to help “educate” the masses into how to keep themselves safe from “misinformation.”

“This effort expands on several basic topics, including how to recognize ‘disinformation,'” reports Slay News. “The UN will also tell you why it is being spread. Another one is to be able to discern emotional, dramatic, and provocative content.”

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The UN’s Verified initiative also aims to crack down on climate change “misinformation,” the position of the globalist body being that we are currently in a “climate emergency” crisis situation that requires drastic reductions in quality of life in order to overcome.

“At the heart of our fight for a livable planet lies an information battle, one we ignore at our peril,” the UN maintains.

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