Check out the things that mysteriously DIDN’T burn in the Lahaina disaster that SHOULD have if it was really just a freak wildfire

There are so many questions without honest answers concerning the destruction of Lahaina in Maui, Hawaii, that even people who normally trust the government are starting to wonder what is really going on here.

Take all the things that did not burn in West Maui as one example. Why did seemingly everything blue, including houses, cars, umbrellas, and planters, remain unscathed while everything of all other colors turned into gray ash?

In the video below, see for yourself from people on the ground how many blue objects look perfectly normal while everything else around them is burnt to a crisp:

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No wonder FEMA ordered a total media blackout in West Maui

You will notice that as the guy filming the video, Geoff Cygnus, is walking around, there are noteworthy objects blue in color all around him that “magically” avoided catching fire and burning – why?

The famous Tommy Bahama blue umbrellas, for instance, remain just as they were before the fires while the patio and building they belonged to have turned to smoldering dust.

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Then there is the sole-surviving blue car on Front Street, a Honda sedan, that sits starkly intact alongside other colored cars that are all burnt out with windows and interior gone.

How is this possible if an alleged wildfire fueled by heavy winds ravaged the entire town indiscriminately?

“Most of this is unreleased,” Cygnus states about why FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) ordered a total media blackout in West Maui.

Cygnus also claims to have in his possession hundreds of gigabytes and many hours’ worth of footage both on the ground and from the air that show further anomalies with this alleged “wildfire” situation, which looks more like a directed energy weapon (DEW) attack.

“All of that footage has been uploaded to a friend in an undisclosed location,” he explains. “They then copied all of that data onto a 256 AES-encrypted hard drive and then physically took it to somebody else.”

While he was filming some of the scenes from a sky drone, Cygnus says he received an unexpected visit from government agents who pounded on his door in retaliation for sharing the truth with the world.

“It seemed like it was at least two people – I think potentially more,” he explains, stating that he and his companions decided to just lay low and not get involved.

“We heard them talking to each other and eventually they just went away, but I could hear the tone in their voice – I mean, these people were certainly not my friends.”

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Because he has a family he needs to protect, Cygnus is treading lightly while telling as much of the story as possible in separate parts. He also made sure to share the evidence, as aforementioned, with others so it does not get deleted or destroyed by the feds.

For the time being, Cygnus plans to continue sharing a daily portion of the story on his TikTok page if you would like to check it out.

Doesn’t it seem like everything is suddenly going wrong all at once, almost like it was planned this way? Check out to learn more.

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