Nevada Rangers Ram Through Climate Protest Blockade, Point Gun at Activists, Slam Them to the Ground (VIDEO)

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Nevada Rangers rammed through a climate protest blockade near the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada on Sunday.

Sunday marked day one of Burning Man 2023, a yearly music and art festival in Northern Nevada.

Climate protestors blocked the road leading to the Burning Man festival causing a major traffic jam.

The green Nazis were demanding Burning Man ban private jets and single-use plastics, according to a reporter on scene.

Nevada Rangers weren’t having it.

The Rangers rammed through the blockade, pointed a gun at the activists, and slammed to the ground.

“Get down now! Get on the ground! Don’t move!” the Ranger shouted as he pointed a gun at the climate militants.


The climate change activists were arrested.

A Nevada Ranger told a reporter at the scene they received a 911 call saying that someone in the crowd was going to shoot the activists blocking the street.

The activists squealed as the Rangers cuffed them.

WATCH (language warning):

Source material can be found at this site.

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