Kash Patel on Mobster Jack Smith’s Move to Silence Trump: “I Can’t Wait for This to be Litigated – It’s Going to Highlight the Weaponization of Justice!” (Video)

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Kash Patel joined the War Room on Saturday by phone to discuss the latest unconstitutional move against President Trump by Jack Smith, the Biden DOJ, and Merrick Garland.

On Friday, Jack Smith asked uber-liberal Judge Chutkan to silence Donald Trump. Smith does not want Trump to campaign in 2024. Smith does not want Trump to be able to speak freely. Smith is a hitman assigned to take Trump out. Smith even wants Trump’s lawyers gagged!

Steve Bannon: Kash, real quickly, I know you got a bounce, you’re in an airport. Jack Smith trying – This is the most outrageous – we told you this was going to happen. This is all about election interference. He wants a gag order. He wants a gag order on President Trump. Is that going to work?

Kash Patel: It’s never going to work. I can’t wait to watch this thing get litigated. People are now looking at it and saying, wait a second. I might not agree with Donald Trump, but you’re going to just kneecap him and prevent him from speaking? You’re going to criminalize First Amendment free speech thought? I can’t wait for these cases to be adjudicated by the appellate court. It’s going to highlight for the American people the weaponization of justice. The lengths that DOJ. Garland and Wray and Jack Smith are going to, to prevent Donald Trump from running. The most un-American thing you can do is try to remove someone to be a candidate of the President of the United States because you disagree with their politics and you use the criminal justice system to do it.

America is catching on. And Donald Trump’s right, they’re coming after you. He’s just in the way. And these people at the New York Trash and every other Washington Post outfit and the DOJ are terrified. They’re not terrified anymore about the prospect of Donald Trump. They’re terrified about when he walks down the ramp at the Capitol Building in 2025. It’s going to be awesome.

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