Former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund’s Shocking Admission Regarding Federal Assets at US Capitol Grounds on Jan 6

On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit reported that there was a letter released by the House Judiciary Committee of testimony from former Assistant Director-in-Charge of the Washington Field Office that acknowledged there were numerous FBI confidential human sources (CHS) in the crowd on January 6th at the US Capitol.   There were so many involved, from different Field Offices, that D’Antuono recommended:”‘to do a poll or put out something to people saying w[ere] any CHSs involved‘ so the FBI could try to ascertain how many CHSs had been in attendance.”

BREAKING BIG: Via House Judiciary Committee Republicans – FBI LOST COUNT of How Many Paid Informants They Had in the Trump Crowd on January 6!

Prior to that letter being released, former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund sat for a hearing with the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight.  During the questioning by Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC), he asked Chief Sund questions about law enforcement being embedded in the crowd and whether or not there is a process for a federal agency to be on Capitol Grounds in plain clothes.  Specifically, Rep. Murphy asked:

“Do you know if the FBI or DHS had any plain-clothes employees in the crowd on January 6th?”

Chief Sund responded:

“Only what I’m learning from the GAO report that came out in [in audible]”


This is remarkable to consider that the Chief of the US Capitol Police was not aware of any Federal law enforcement or employees who were working in plain clothes on the Capitol grounds that day.  Chief Sund discussed this briefly during his interview with Tucker Carlson that we covered at The Gateway Pundit (around the 36 min mark).  Chief Sund claims that if the FBI had reached out to anyone, it could have been his Deputy Chief, Yogananda Pittman, who was in charge of intelligence.  Pittman, who received a sweetheart deal to remain on as a USCP Deputy Chief on unpaid leave in order to reach her time required for a penchant, has not yet been subpoenaed and is now the Chief of UC-Berkley’s Police Department.

Tucker Carlson Interviews Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund on What Really Happened on January 6th – Since His FOX News Interview Never Aired (VIDEO)

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