WATCH LIVE – 12:30 PM ET: Hearing in We The People AZ Alliance’s Lawsuit Against Runbeck Election Services to Obtain Evidence that OVER 35,000 Ballots Were Inserted into Maricopa County 2022 Vote Count

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Arizona election integrity nonprofit We The People AZ Alliance will appear in court today for a hearing in a public records lawsuit against Runbeck Election Services in Phoenix. 

Watch live at 9:30am PT below.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on this shady private entity that transports and scans Maricopa County mail-in ballots with no oversight or chain of custody before they are processed and counted by the County.

Roughly 81% of the 1,311,734 Maricopa County 2022 election voters voted by mail and had their ballot sent to Runbeck for signature verification with massive discrepancies in ballot chain of custody documentation.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, We The People AZ Alliance filed their Special Action Complaint against Runbeck and Maricopa County for public records relating security camera footage of ballot receipts at the Runbeck facility in Phoenix.

The footage from Runbeck’s facilities could prove claims by Kari Lake’s attorneys, for which they were sanctioned in the Arizona Supreme Court, that over 35,000 ballots sent between Runbeck’s warehouse and Maricopa County are missing chain of custody documentation. The record supported the claims by Lake’s attorneys; the Arizona Supreme Court just ignored their argument and the math.

On August 30, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Bradley Astrowsky released a minute entry ordering an Oral Argument hearing for today at 9:30 am PT in the case for this footage from Runbeck, a public vendor for elections.

“This is a big week,” said We The People AZ Alliance on X. Kari Lake’s lawsuit against Stephen Richer for evidence of mail-in ballot fraud is also going to trial tomorrow!

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Kari Lake’s lawsuit for public 2022 voter signature records is going to trial on September 21 and September 25. Maricopa County refuses to be transparent with elections. What are they hiding?

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Lake later released a statement highlighting a recent court order related to Maricopa County’s fraudulent signature verification and telling Americans she has the “utmost confidence” that she will win her lawsuit. Earlier this month, a ruling in a separates Yavapai County Court case confirmed that Maricopa County has been incorrectly defining “voter registration record” and unlawfully verifying mail-in ballot signatures.

The Gateway Pundit inspected hundreds of illegally verified 2022 mail-in ballot signatures and corresponding voter registration records in Maricopa County through a public records request and reported on the clear fraud involved. See the obviously mismatched signatures here:

Tomorrow’s trial in Lake’s lawsuit will be held at 101 West Jefferson St. Phoenix, 85003, in Courtroom 811 at 9:00 am PT. The Gateway Pundit will provide a livestream.

Both lawsuits are for the public records that are being withheld by parties involved in conducting elections in Arizona.

Watch the Oral Arguments in We The People AZ Alliance v. Runbeck Election Services on the court’s webpage under Case Number CV2023-051714 or below:

Support We The People AZ Alliance’s election integrity efforts here.

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