Democrat Senator Bob Menendez and His Wife Now Under Investigation for Allegedly Accepting Gold Bars for Favors

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New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has been under investigation for alleged corruption more times than anyone can count.

Now it is happening again. Menendez and his wife are being investigated over claims that they accepted bars of gold in exchange for favors, otherwise known as a bribe.

Will this be the time that the senator’s luck finally runs out?

FOX News reports:

Feds probing if Dem Sen Menendez or wife accepted gold bars worth hundreds of thousands from felon: report

Federal investigators are probing whether Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez or his wife accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold bars from a felon in a trade for help, according to a report.

NBC News 4 reported Monday that the FBI and IRS criminal investigators are attempting to determine if Menendez or his wife had taken up to $400,000 worth of gold bars from Fred Daibes, a New Jersey developer and former bank chairman, or his associates in a swap for Menendez reaching out to the Justice Department to aid the “admitted felon” accused of banking crimes.

Daibes starred down federal bank fraud charges at the time of the alleged handoff that could have netted him up to a decade in prison, the report says.

Witnesses are currently testifying before a Manhattan federal grand jury weighing whether to bring corruption charges against Menendez, the publication reported.

“For purposes of the Federal Extortion Act, it makes no difference if the senator took an official act so long as he accepted the money and there was knowledge the money was in exchange for that official influence, even if he never carried out what he had promised he would do,” NBC Legal Analyst Danny Cevallos said of the ordeal.

Even the liberal media is reporting on this and that’s a bad sign for Menendez.

The senator has a serious problem here.

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