RINO Fave for Mich. Senate Mike Rogers Admits he Didn’t Vote or Live in Mich., Drew Blank when asked about Major Abortion Referendum

Former Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers is a deep-state RINO.

He is currently the RINO favorite to run in the U.S. Senate race in 2024 in Michigan.

The problem is that he doesn’t even live in the Wolverine state, having moved down to Florida for “business opportunities.”

Here he is admitting as much:

Rogers draws a blank stare when asked about “Prop 3” which was the Michigan Constitutional Amendment funded by far-left extremists who said they were “protecting Roe” but in reality were writing into the Constitution the most radical pro-abortion legal regime on the planet.

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The pro-abortion left made the 2022 elections in Michigan largely a referendum on abortion rights. They said they were protecting the basic right to abortion against right wing extremism that would ban all abortions in every instance.

In fact, one comment by Tudor Dixon in the Governor’s race became the key flashpoint and talking point used to defeat Dixon at the top of the Republican ticket in an off-year. Dixon had said, when asked about instances where abortion should be permitted, that there should be “no exceptions.” This comment then became a rallying cry on the political left against candidates across the state.

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Rogers was recruited to run for Senate after 14 years in Congress by the Mitch McConnell-controlled National Republican Senatorial Committee. Rogers was an FBI Agent for five years before becoming a politician. While in Congress,  Rogers was Chair of the Intelligence Committee. Mike Rogers publicly said blustery death threats against journalists and whistleblowers: he wanted to execute Julian Assange and that Edward Snowden was a Russian spy.

Rogers was a political ally of Chris Christie and tried to run for President, briefly, in 2024 on the issue of “childhood literacy” despite, himself, being politically illiterate.

A significant number of candidates recently have been cosmopolitans who aren’t from the state they are running from. Dr. Oz was accused of not really living in Pennsylvania in 2022. Cory Booker was accused of not really living in New Jersey. Tommy Tuberville was accused of not living in Alabama. In 2017 the Washington Post easily found 17  Members of Congress who didn’t live in their districts. The Constitutional requirements to be a Senator are 1) being at least 30 years old, 2) a citizen of the United States, and 3) a resident of the state they are representing at the time of their election.

The 2024 election is on Tuesday, November 5th, 2024, 407 days away.

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