House holds first hearing of Biden impeachment inquiry – will the pretender-in-chief finally face justice?

Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023, officially marks the first day of the new House of Representatives impeachment inquiry into fake president Joe Biden.


The impeachment inquiry largely centers around the Biden Crime Family’s illegal foreign affairs during Joe’s multi-decade political career, which House Republicans say garnered for them more than $50 million in ill-gotten gains.

Thus far, House Republicans say they have uncovered definitive proof covering $30 million of that amount. More investigations are still underway to account for the remaining $20 million in fraudulent payments.

“Based on the evidence I’ve seen so far, I think the number is going to be north of $50 million that we’re talking about here,” said Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) in a recent interview.

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Biden Crime Family “most politically corrupt,” says South Carolina Republican rep

The House Oversight Committee was able to dredge up mountains of business bank records showing that the Biden Crime Family, through its various businesses and shell corporations, took in at least $20 million from various Ponzi schemes in Romania, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, and of course, Ukraine.

In all, nine different members of the Biden Crime Family receive payments from foreign business venture entanglements. Two of these crime cash recipients are Joe’s grandchildren.

“This will go down as one of the most politically corrupt presidents and families in U.S. history,” Mace went on to state. “And we’ve got to show and prove it to the American people. We’ve got to show them everything that we have.”

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According to Chairman James Comer, his committee has already proven that the Biden Crime Family brought in at least $15 million via “foreign influence peddling” – “or $24 million if you account for their associate’s earnings from the schemes,” Comer would add in his remarks during what Fox News described as a “marathon hearing.”

“We have established in the first phase of this investigation where this money has come from: Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, it didn’t come from selling anything legitimate,” Comer further said. “It largely went unreported to the IRS. It was funneled through shell companies and third parties to hide the Bidens’ fingerprints.”

“This deserves investigation. This deserves accountability. The American people expect this committee to investigate public corruption.”

The next steps to be taken, according to Comer, are yet to be determined, though he did say that the immediate plan is to subpoena the bank records of Biden Crime Family members like Hunter and James, as well as their affiliated companies.

“Now we know much of the money goes – Hunter Biden, Haley Biden, James Biden, Sarah Biden, other Biden family members and their business entities,” Comer revealed. “What we need to understand is where it goes next. That is the question this committee needs to answer. And the evidence supports that next step.”

Democrats, meanwhile, have dubbed the impeachment inquiry a “waste of time” and “illegitimate” as they race to try to pass the so-called Continuing Resolution (CR) deal to once again kick the can of the U.S. corporate-fascism government’s inevitable collapse.

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“Don’t forget the Democrats impeached Trump for asking Zelensky to look into the Biden-Burisma connection,” one commenter wrote about the double standard of justice these critical Democrats have embraced.

“Jill’s a ‘doctor,’ Hunter’s an ‘artist,’ and Joe’s a ‘president’ – what a bunch of frauds,” wrote another about this joke of a regime.

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