Democrat Alderman ‘Innocent People are Being Hunted Like Prey in Chicago’ (Video)

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Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez

Democratic Alderman Raymond Lopez of Chicago has had enough of what is happening in his city.

Every day, more and more disturbing incidents are making the city unsafe for Chicagoans.  The Gateway Pundit reported on the brutal robbery and attack of a man in broad daylight in the Bucktown neighborhood last week.

In early September, three thugs repeatedly beat a helpless man with a metal object and now he is unable to walk.

In the spring, roaming hoards of violent teenagers repeatedly terrorized the city and rioted in the streets near Millennium Park where they smashed car windows, fired guns, and attacked citizens during the violent spree.

In radical socialist Mayor Brandon Johnson’s first 30 days in office, crime rose 38% from the prior year. In his first 100 days, there were 204 homicides.

It is so bad in the blue city that even Democrat Lopez is speaking out telling Fox News that the city’s failure to respond has left innocent people being “hunted down like prey.”

Lopez told Fox, “Things like robbery, burglary, arson, assault, even threatening elected officials like myself, do not warrant you being held on bond anymore in the state of Illinois, and criminals are taking note.”

“They become emboldened, and the deafening cry is not heard by the politicians demanding change. They only sit back as you saw, and try to stick to the script, even when the public refuses to participate.”

Fox News reports:

“It’s unfortunate was we saw today where the Judiciary Committee came to Chicago that not one single Democrat chose to participate and make their voices heard or to hear from those most impacted.”

Lopez continued, “They are often talked about for the progressive agenda, for the extreme liberal agenda that says they care. But their policies, particularly when it comes to police reform and criminal justice reform, in my opinion, are very racist because oftentimes the victims of the most heinous crimes by the repeat offenders are those same Black and Brown residents that the White liberals claim to care about but truly don’t.” 

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