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You can travel to any state in South India – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, free to speak in Hindi or any other language and not in Tamil Nadu but even in the presence of Tamils, none will be frowned upon or ridiculed, abused or manhandled by the highly cultured and civilized, Tamils or south Indians. It is better to make judgments based on firsthand experience rather than believe “fake news” that is fabricated by those “leaders” having evil intentions and agenda. One can make frequent trips to TN and other south Indian states and speak any language, nobody is bothered.

Anti-Hindi leaders try to pinch the bottom. When asked to learn Hindi, they instigate the people to come to streets. Agitators took to streets against the so-called Hindi imposition. (i.e. they don’t understand Hindi). Even during the last seven decades of India’s independence, there is no instance of Hindi imposition on any state. Instead, strong regional languages are killing other less powerful regional languages and dialects.

Even a Tamil or Malayali or Bengali or Telgu or Kannada would get packed down if he indulges in such ‘pastimes’. Most people(not all) hailing from any parts of our country do the same thing in buses and trains in Islamic and African nations and end up with less teeth and more bones. Now, same chauvinism has reached in Canada, Australia and Africa due to Khalistani mischief mongers.

Hundreds of thousands of Indian pilgrims and tourists go to South India and North India every year and return with fond memories. Language has never been a problem for North Indians in the south and South Indians in the north. This does not prevent Hindi speakers from travelling to South India and vice versa and re-transmitting the message of love and friendship overcoming all obstacles. It is clear to understand that this barrier is created by leaders. Sanskrit is the accepted Dev Bhasha of all the Sanatan Dharma regardless of region.

Hindi had not become the spoken language in any part of the Akhand Bharat in the earlier half of the eighth century. In the first half of the eighth century, Hindi was not yet a language anywhere in Akhand Bharat. At that time, Adi Shankaracharya was traveling on foot from Kalady in Kerala to Srinagar/ Barinath/ Kedarnath. But language was not a barrier at that time. Be wary of fake hype and propaganda. They are to be taken not with a pinch or bucketful of salt but with a “truckload of salt”.

This is just like the agenda media that declared Delhi as rape capital of the world. Media should also conduct research to find out which forces were behind the notorious declaration about Delhi as notorious the world over as the rape capital of the world.

People need to tidy their homes before making false accusations, because lies and fabricated intolerance stemming from not even realizing that someone who speaks differently and far from the truth lives in this country and they all live in peace. Most people have a good relationship and are not interested in their language.

It is high time the residents of the country should the mindset which makes them believe that every woman other than his wife, mother and sister is a resident of ‘Kapaali Bazaar ‘.

India is a bouquet not only of roses but of roses, marigolds and lilies. The “Divide and rule” policy yields political gains in the short run but may harm the health of the nation in the long run. Sri Lanka’s Sinhala-speaking majority was impressed by Rajapaksa’s harsh anti-Tamil rhetoric, which has given him a landslide victory over the past few years. Where is he now? The same thing had happened before in Pakistan and Bangladesh was created by forcing the Urdu language.

There are many Indians living in South India and South Indians living in North India. Many North Indians are working in IT field in Bangalore. Typically, 30 to 50%of the employees in an IT company are North Indian. Professionals in North India will not face any language problems as the staff of the IT company can only speak English. Many North Indians prefer to live in areas where Hindi is not dominant and where language is less of an issue. In fact, many North Indians live in this fizz where none is bilingual in Hindi and Kannada and think that entire Karnataka is like that. They go to predominantly Hindu areas in other parts of the state and politely try to understand their language.

They never accept that they reply to their queries in Hindi. They never get angry, abuse and make fun of the locals and their language. Kannadigas who are, by nature, gentle and peace loving, comfortably live with such people. However, politicians frown upon this tolerance of the locals is often stretched to the limits and they wish that people react as aggressively as their some brothers in neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

Old timers who chose sylvan Bangalore to spend the evening of their lives are a blissful lot. They recall how the culture of the city changed with the huge influx of the loud mouthed but jolly and affectionate people from the northern states. An elderly Bangalorean summed it up, “Bangalore is not dying but born. However, it is no longer the naturally air conditioned Shangri La it once was”

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