Out of the 8,000 Troops Discharged Over Biden’s Vaccine Mandate, Only 43 Have Rejoined

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Soldiers lining up for the annual New York City Veterans Day Parade

Now that Biden’s vaccine mandate for the U.S. Military has been lifted, members who were discharged for refusing the vaccine can rejoin the service.

It’s not working out too well.

Out of the 8,000 people who were discharged, only 43 have rejoined.

Breitbart News reports:

Report: Only 43 Out of 8K Troops Discharged over Biden’s Military Vaccine Mandate Have Sought to Rejoin

Only 43 out of more than 8,000 service members who were discharged from the military over the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate have sought to rejoin, according to a recent report by CNN.

According to the report, 19 have rejoined the Army, 12 have rejoined the Marine Corps, one has rejoined the Air Force, and two have rejoined the Navy.

The report suggested that the low numbers prove that Republicans who say the mandate hurt recruiting and retention were wrong.

However, some troops who fought the mandate while they were in the military told Breitbart News that they disagree.

Retired Air Force Master Sergeant Nick Kupper, who recently retired after successfully fighting his discharge, told Breitbart News that troops are not seeking to rejoin because they feel betrayed.

“I think a service member going back to the military after being kicked out over the COVID mandate is like a woman going back to her abusive husband. He promises that this time will be different and that he won’t hit her anymore, but in reality he’ll likely hit her so hard that he kills her this time,” he said.

Who can blame these soldiers for feeling this way?

Our men and women in uniform deserve so much better.

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