New Polls Show Trump Beating Biden in Key Battleground States

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New polling is filled with good news for Trump and Trump supporters.

Trump is leading Joe Biden in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

People have become skeptical of polling and for good reasons, but when you consider that Trump carried these states in 2016 it takes on a new significance.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Polls Show Biden Losing Big to Trump in Battleground States

New polling shows President Joe Biden losing to former president Donald Trump in swing states.

Trump is up 9 points over Biden in Pennsylvania, according to an Emerson College poll conducted early this month. In Michigan this month, a poll commissioned by an in-state consulting firm had Trump up 7 points over Biden.

The Pennsylvania data show Trump with 45 percent support to Biden’s 36 percent. Eleven percent of respondents said they will vote for someone else and 8 percent are undecided.

In Michigan, Trump had 42 percent support to Biden’s 35. Twenty percent of those asked said they’ll vote for someone else and 3 percent declined to pick a candidate.

John Nolte of Breitbart News makes a great point about this:

Currently, according to the RCP poll of Pennsylvania polls, Trump leads Slow Joe by 1.8 points. Since the 2024 polling of the Keystone State began, Trump has led in six polls, Biden in five, with one tie. An Emerson poll taken between August 9 and October 4 has Trump up nine points. That is likely an outlier. But Trump has led in other polls by a margin of two to six points. Biden has led by similar margins…

Key point: Not once during the 2020 election did Trump lead Biden in the RCP poll of Pennsylvania polls.

In Michigan, Trump currently leads Biden in the RCP poll of polls by 0.2 points. This is primarily due to a single poll that has Trump up seven over His Fraudulency.

In 2020, Biden won Michigan (allegedly) by 2.8 points, and not once during that contested election did Trump lead Biden in the RCP poll of polls.

The election is still a long way off, but this is a good sign of things headed in the right direction.

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