2A WORKS! Gun Owners of America says horrific situation in Israel shows why Americans were afforded the right to “weapons of war” – for SELF-DEFENSE

In response to the recent attacks by Hamas, Israel has reportedly relaxed its strict gun control laws, a move that Gun Owners of America (GOA) is lauding as an example of why Americans need the Second Amendment.

For matters of self-defense, Israel appears to be taking an all-hands-on-deck approach where even civilian citizenry can now, in some cases, carry around a firearm for their own protection.

“While gun control continues to be pushed by the Biden administration, Israel, a state lauded by gun control advocates for its strict regulations, has axed some of its gun control measures in an attempt to fight the recent terrorist invasion,” GOA says.

Check out the announcement below from Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir:

As you will notice, Israeli citizens can now legally carry a private firearm just so long as they are of sound mind and health and agree to a telephone interview. There are also relaxed purchasing laws that allow for easier gun permitting in light of the new escalation.

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Has Israel realized that gun control laws put citizens in danger?

In GOA’s view, Israel is waking up to the idea of its own right to bear arms as it grapples with bad relations with its neighbors. If it is really true that Hamas terrorists are going door to door looking for unarmed Israeli civilians to capture and kill, then expanded private gun rights in Israel will help to protect them.

“Without access to firearms, Israeli citizens are helpless to defend themselves against these heavily armed fighters, resulting in kidnappings and killings,” GOA says.

Unlike in the United States, though, there are still a lot more restrictions in Israel as far as legally purchasing and carrying a firearm. GOA describes the process as coming with “heavy restrictions and unnecessary bureaucratic red tape.”

The other problem is that only Israelis from certain regions of the country will be allowed to possess firearms. Everyone else in non-qualifying territories will have to remain sitting ducks while awaiting the next inevitable attack.

“Others simply cannot afford to wait a week for a telephone interview or need more than the allotted 100 rounds of ammo,” GOA complains. “A good first step, but Israel needs a Second Amendment ASAP!”

Meanwhile, leftist politicians here in the U.S. are continuing to advocate for more gun control here, even as the situation in the Middle East unfolds.

“The biggest threat to Americans comes from their own government,” one commenter wrote in response to the GOA’s pro-gun advocacy for Israel.

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“And the millions of an invading army allowed into our nation,” responded another.

“They don’t want you to be able to defend yourself when the jihadi cells that Mayorkas let walk over the southern border go hot,” wrote another about what Americans can probably expect in the coming days now that the Middle East has once again gone hot.

“Hopefully Abbott put them all on a bus to New York City.”

“It used to be that feral hogs were the worst invader you faced here in the states,” said another. “Not anymore. It is totally conceivable that a cartel could take down a border town.”

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