Ben Bergquam Shows Just How Bad Biden’s Border Crisis Is Getting In Unchecked Locations (VIDEO)

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Courtesy Of Real America’s Voice and Ben Bergquam

While the mainstream media is covering up or not reporting the border invasion, Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice has been consistently showing us the reality of what is happening at the southern border.

In the following video, Ben talks about how Border Patrol resources have been directed toward the Lukeville area of Arizona not too far from Tucson. This has now left large portions of the border in Yuma wide open for illegal aliens to cross.

After he drove out to Yuma, Ben showed that there were blue flags flying in these unmanned areas which showed illegals the path to take to get picked up. In addition to that, there are water stations in these areas too. He gave an objective critique of weighing the well-being of those crossing the desert with the incentivization of inviting illegals to enter the U.S.

There are long stretches of the border between Lukeville and Yuma that are not being tracked at all since the resources were redirected. He went on to explain that the number of getaways that have entered the U.S. is not reported accurately because of these unguarded areas.

What is most shocking is when Ben arrived at a Border Patrol Station in the west desert of Arizona. He described it as a “military-style installation.” It was closed down to redirect resources. This is an area for human trafficking, and drug smuggling which is now unchecked. The cartels know it and utilize these areas.

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Ben Bergquam: “This is the national security threat that America faces.” “And this goes directly back to Joe Biden and the people at the top in Washington DC that are putting America last.”


Last week The Gateway Pundit reported according to Ben Bergquam that a significant number of Syrians and Pakistanis are crossing the border through Arizona.

The border continues to be a major crisis for the U.S. One of the biggest concerns right now is the number of potential terrorists that are just walking into our nation thanks to the criminal Biden Regime.

Ben Bergquam was in Lukeville, Arizona last week to show just how bad it’s getting.

“This is today, and it will be like this tomorrow, and the next day and the next day and this is one point on our border and it’s like this across our entire border,” he said.

Source material can be found at this site.

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