SICK! New York City Nightclub Hosts Pro-Hamas “Intifada FundRaver”

A New York City nightclub called The End, located in Brooklyn, is hosting a pro-Hamas “Intifada FundRaver” Sunday night. The event is being promoted with a video that features Hamas videos of last weekend’s surprise attack on Israel that among its over 1,300 victims included 260 civilians slaughtered by Hamas at an outdoor rave. The promotor claims the funds raised at this rave will go to “PALESTINE CHILDREN’S RELIEF FUND MEDICAL AID FOR PALESTINE.” The rave is set to go on into early morning–unless law enforcement shuts down the terrorist supporting event.

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The ticket sales site ($17 minimum, age 21 and over) acknowledges the source of the video as being from the October 7 attack on Israel, “[video: palestinian bulldozer tears down a section of the wall on the gaza strip border, october 7 2023] [audio: ‘said guevara’ by checkpoint 303, speech from a 1994 interview with edward said”

Promotional page and video:

Independent journalist Alexander Higgins matched the artsy-version videos in the fundraver promo with the original Hamas videos. The Hamas videos show an Israeli soldier, probably dead, being dragged from a tank and a bulldozer smashing Israel’s border fencing with Gaza to let in terrorists during the October 7 attack.

Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) representing the south Bronx, spoke out against the fundraver, “A NYC club known as The End is holding an “Intifada Fundraver,” glorifying the deadliest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. In promoting the event, http://TheEnd.NYC Instagram account features a video of Hamas terrorists bulldozing the Gaza Strip border wall before carrying out the bloodiest terrorist attack in the history of Israel. There is a deep rot of antisemitism in American culture that cannot be ignored and must be confronted at every turn. No more turning a blind eye.”

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine (D) also criticized the fundraver, “A nightclub in Brooklyn called The End is hosting an “Intifada Fundraiser” tonight which they are promoting on Instagram with a music video of Hamas bulldozing into Israel to commit mass murder. This is straight up glorification of a massacre. Reprehensible. (H/t @BarakRavid)”

New York State Senator Julia Salazar (D-18) defended the pro-terrorist fundraver, “+ This is in our district, and I personally would love it if people would stop inciting fascists to come out to my district and counter-protest some party at a club that was promoted with very stupid and insensitive messaging”

The fundraver was first reported by Axios reporter Barak Ravid:

The End has reportedly taken down the promo video from their Instagram page:

Source material can be found at this site.

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