IDENTITY POLITICS: Katie Porter and Adam Schiff Urged to Drop Out of California Senate Race Because They’re White

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Katie Porter and Adam Schiff are being urged to drop out of the race to replace Dianne Feinstein in the United States Senate because they’re white.

The suggestion was made in a column in the Washington Post this week.

This is the kind of divisive, racist garbage that has been advanced by the Democrat party for years now, so it’s quite ironic to see it being used against Porter and Schiff. Can you imagine this argument being made about a person of any other race?

FOX News reports:

Schiff, Porter urged to drop out of California Senate race because they’re White in name of ‘genuine equality’

White Democrats must drop out of California’s Senate race, or they aren’t actually committed to diversity, a guest essay in the Washington Post argued.

Democratic Reps. Katie Porter and Adam Schiff have already thrown their hat in the ring in the Senate race to fill the late U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s seat. But author and podcast host Steve Phillips urged them to step aside and allow U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif. a Black woman, to take the lead instead, to prove they “care about diversity.”

“Time and again it has been shown that Black women are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. Democrats across the country agree that Black women are badly underrepresented in our nation’s leadership. Schiff and Porter are White; Lee is a Black woman. The right course is clear, isn’t it?” he wrote in his opinion column.

The White Democrats could show their “courage” and commitment to the party’s principles if they dropped out, he argued.

Doesn’t this seem kind of… racist?

What is it going to take for Democrats to drop this destructive ideology?

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