Alan Dershowitz Says Hamas-Supporting Harvard Students Should be Treated Like the KKK (VIDEO)

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During a recent appearance on the Sean Hannity Show, Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz suggested that Harvard students who are showing support for Hamas should be treated like the KKK.

He said that people should not hire them and praised a UC-Berkeley professor who recently said the same thing.

Dershowitz’s point is that these people have the same position as neo-Nazis and he is right.

From Breitbart News:

“There should be no distinction between these neo-Nazis, the ones at Harvard, and the neo-Nazis who everybody would say that no nobody should employ. I admire the professor from Berkeley who said: Don’t hire my students. My students — I would say the same thing. Don’t hire my students. You know, these are people who don’t deserve to be hired, and more importantly, your clients don’t deserve to be serviced by bigots, racists and antisemites like this.”

Watch the video:

Dershowitz made a similar point in a piece for the New York Post:

Harvard must condemn pro-Hamas students — and reckon with its history of antisemitism

What, if anything, would Harvard’s president have said if a group of Harvard clubs blamed the lethal firebombing of a black church on the burned black children or the NAACP?

What if they blamed the shooting-up of a gay bar on the lifestyles of the murdered gay people?

We know what the reaction of university administrators would have been.

At the very least, they would have exercised their own freedom of expression to condemn these groups in the strongest terms…

It is no excuse to say the current Jew-hatred is directed at the nation-state of the Jewish people rather than at Jews as a group.

Hamas lynched, raped, beheaded and kidnapped Jews who lived in Israel.

It has murdered non-Israeli Jews in other parts of the world, and its charter is filled with anti-Jewish canards borrowed from the notorious antisemitic forgery “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

This situation has turned into a public relations nightmare for Harvard and other schools.

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