DEVELOPING: House Republicans Cancel Major Hearing on Biden Family Corruption Due to RINO Revolt and Ongoing Turmoil Over House Speaker

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House Republicans reportedly canceled a major hearing scheduled next week that would have featured key material witnesses to Biden family corruption due to the ongoing turmoil over House Speaker.

According to investigative reporter Paul Sperry: “House Republicans had to cancel a major hearing scheduled for next week that would have featured key material witnesses to Biden family corruption, narrating new documentation, due to the ongoing turmoil over House Speaker.”

The House of Representatives has been without a Speaker for more than 2 weeks after Matt Gaetz filed a motion to vacate the chair. Kevin McCarthy was ousted as House Speaker earlier this month in a 216-210 vote. 8 Republicans voted to oust McCarthy: Biggs, Buck, Burchett, Crane, Gaetz, Good, Mace, and Rosendale.

Jim Jordan failed to secure the 217 votes to win the gavel on the first ballot on Tuesday. Twenty GOP representatives voted against Jim Jordan.

Round two of the floor vote for House Speaker took place Wednesday morning and Chairman Jordan fell short again. This time 22 Republicans voted against Jordan.

On Thursday, the Republican closed-door conference on the House Speaker vote devolved into chaos after McCarthy and Gaetz had a heated exchange.

“I was at the mic and I was speaking and Matt Gaetz tried to interrupt and I told him to sit down and he sat down,” McCarthy said blasting Gaetz and the ‘crazy eights’ who voted to oust him.

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McCarthy continued, “No, I told him to sit down. I think the entire conference screamed at him.”

According to reports, Rep. Mike Bost “almost lunged at” Gaetz after McCarthy screamed at the Florida lawmaker to sit down.

The third vote for the Speaker will take place Friday morning at 10 am.

Meanwhile, former House Speakers Newt Gingrich and John Boehner are backing McHenry for interim Speaker. The resolution to empower McHenry fell through Thursday evening.

The turmoil over choosing a permanent House Speaker is blunting the investigations into the Biden Crime Family.

No one is talking about the Biden impeachment inquiry. No one is talking about the Hunter and James Biden subpoenas. No one is talking about Joe Biden’s stolen classified documents scandal.

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