OUCH! Rep. Matt Gaetz Eviscerates Leftist Media —Compares New Acting Speaker to Bud Light—“We’re breaking the fever—The lobbyists and special interests aren’t in control anymore!”

Rep. Matt Gaetz has been taking a lot of heat after RINOs in Congress have been unable to come to a consensus and elect Rep. Jim Jordan as their next Speaker of the House.

Many in Congress and the media have blamed the firebrand lawmaker for not having a plan to replace the former Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy after he succeeded in his plot to overthrow the RINO leader earlier this month.

Gaetz’s response to CSPAN when asked what he thinks about the resolution to empower a temporary Speaker of the House was fire…

“I am against speaker-light, I am against Bud Light, I believe it is a constitutional desecration not to elect a Speaker of the House, Gaetz said, adding, “We need to stay here until we elect a Speaker, and if someone can’t get the votes, we need to go on to the next person.”

When CNN confronted Rep. Matt Gaetz about the failed votes for Rep. Jim Jordan, he had the perfect response:

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“We’re shakin’ up Washington, DC!”

“We’re breaking the fever!”

“And you know what? It’s messy, but the only reason people think there’s chaos in this town right now is because the special interests aren’t in control anymore.”

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Gaetz added, “I think we’re gonna have an upgraded the position on Speaker of The House, and for me, it was never about any one person; it was about ensuring that we got an upgrade at the position. Gaetz continued, “Kevin McCarthy failed us multiple times.”

Gaetz then reminded the overly-dramatic CNN reporter, who’s in the tank for the Democratic Party, “Everybody’s making a big deal out of the fact that we burn the equivalent of, like, 4 legislative days on all of this, but we’ve spent like 7 legislative days on post offices and procedural votes for goodness sakes! He added, “This is what it supposed to be, and it’s not clean, and it’s not orderly, and the lobbyists and the special interests hate it, but I don’t seem to mind too much!”

Watch Rep. Gaetz’s epic response here:

When MSNBC asked Rep. Gaetz about taking a hard line on electing a temporary speaker, he responded similarly, comparing Rep. McHenry (R-NC) to Bud Light.

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