Israel’s claim that Gaza Baptist Hospital bombing was a “failed” Hamas rocket launch verified as LIE

The Al Jazeera footage that Israel itself used to try to claim that a “failed” Hamas rocket caused the destruction of al-Ahli Baptist Hospital (also known as al-Ahli Arab Hospital) in Gaza has actually proven this to be a lie.

Al Jazeera conducted its own investigation of said footage and found that there is no way the Israeli army’s claim holds any merit – watch below to learn more:

The investigation revealed that it was Israel that conducted four separate airstrikes in a matter of just six minutes right before the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital’s courtyard was struck.

Cross-referencing its own footage with that of a surveillance camera located just to the south of Tel Aviv further affirmed this, showing that the “failed” rockets from Gaza that Israel tried to blame on the hospital strike were shot down by Israel’s own Iron Dome.

The last rocket was intercepted “at exactly 18:59:50,” the investigation found, adding that it was “completely destroyed and broken apart.”

Said rocket was the last rocket fired from Gaza, and we now know that it was intercepted before the hospital explosion. In other words, Israel is responsible for the hospital attack, not Gaza.

“Five seconds after that interception, an explosion in Gaza was seen, followed two seconds later by a much larger explosion,” the investigation found, adding that the second explosion “was the strike that hit al-Ahli Arab Hospital.”

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“Al Jazeera digital investigation found no grounds to the Israeli army’s claim that the strike on the al-Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza was caused by a failed rocket launch,” Al Jazeera‘s English division further reported.

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“Hamas” phone call that Israel released as “evidence” against Gaza also exposed as FAKE

Channel 4 in the United Kingdom also investigated the intercepted “Hamas” phone call that Israel released and reported as “evidence” that a failed Gaza rocket damaged the hospital – and this, too, was found to be fake.

“The language, accent, and syntax and tone” were all off, Channel 4 reported, suggesting that Israel manufactured the fake call to try to blame its target for the destruction of their own infrastructure at the hands of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Channel 4 also affirmed what Al Jazeera found concerning Israel’s claim that the strike was caused by a misfired Gaza missile from a nearby cemetery. This could not have happened, the media outlet discovered, because the trajectories do not match the video footage.

Israel also “confusingly” claimed that “the missile was fired from a location down in the southwest – it can’t be both,” Channel 4 added – meaning one missile cannot be fired from two different locations as Israel bizarrely claimed in an attempt to cover up its war crimes.

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“The phone call is incredibly easy to fake and there’s no reason to believe Israel can intercept Hamas’ communications because they were completely blindsided by their Oct 7 attack,” further notes Information Liberation‘s Chris Menahan about the matter.

“Israel is really into blowing up hospitals,” added one of our own readers about the shameless war crimes that Israel is basically allowed to commit because many people are afraid of the consequences of challenging the “chosen ones.”

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