Jesse Watters Examines the Grim State of the Nation (and World) on Joe Biden’s Watch (VIDEO)

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During a recent monologue on his FOX News show, Jesse Watters took a hard but fair look at the state of America and the world on Joe Biden’s watch.

Watters takes apart Biden’s Oval Office address and points out its many flaws, including the things Biden left out about the funding for all the wars breaking out, and the fact that Biden is trying to paint himself as a wartime president when his policies are responsible for almost all of this.

Finally, he notes that Biden’s speech included nothing about the border or our rising crime problem.

From FOX News:

JESSE WATTERS: Tonight, the world is on the brink and the White House is panicking because Joe Biden is president. The United States, now sponsoring a double proxy war against the Iranians and the Russians. China is eyeing Taiwan, and North Korean weapons were just discovered in Gaza. The State Department has just issued a worldwide travel warning to all countries.

When is the last time that’s happened? Americans aren’t even safe in France. Our enemies are being mobbed by angry Muslims. Our military bases are under attack in Iraq, and we just had to shoot down two Iranian made missiles. How was your week? While this right now breaks, Putin is in China meeting with Xi where they’re coordinating Mideast policy. Two American carrier strike groups are in the Mediterranean and Biden just tested one of our new nuclear weapons, detonating a massive bomb in Nevada.

We keep catching Middle Easterners sneaking across the secure southern border. Axios reports top officials say this has been the “heaviest, most chilling week since Biden took office.”

Watch the video below:

No one can deny that America and the world were more stable and safer under President Trump.

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