HPV vaccines are loaded with toxic ingredients, including an “upgraded” version of ALUMINUM

One of the reasons why human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines like Gardasil (Merck Co.) are so dangerous and deadly has to do with an “upgraded” version of a toxin they contain, the harms of which have been covered up by unethical studies for the past 90 years.

That “upgraded” ingredient is aluminum, and its serious toxicity really came to light back in August 2006 when an outbreak of bluetongue disease, caused by the bluetongue virus (BTV) started appearing in sheep and spreading across Europe.

It turns out that this outbreak led to a compulsory European vaccination campaign that ran from 2007 through 2010. A “new-and-improved” BTV vaccine was introduced during that time that contained aluminum (Al) in doses of 2.08 milligrams (mg) per millimeter of injection fluid, which functioned as an adjuvant.

While the forced jab campaign supposedly halted the spread of BTV, it also triggered a “mysterious” rise in severe diseases across Europe that were marked by bodily weakness and an array of serious neurological symptoms – the same ones associated with Gardasil and other HPV injections that also contain aluminum as an adjuvant.

It would take an independent study by Dr. Lluis Lujan out of Spain to determine that the disease spike was caused by aluminum, which is also called Alhydrogel in patented form.

Sheep given injections containing Alhydrogel became more aggressive and demonstrated “more stereotypes and higher stress,” to quote The Epoch Times, which has been publishing a multi-part series about the threat of Gardasil and other HPV injections.

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“So, for me, yes – the reason why the animals get sick after vaccination is how the body deals with aluminum,” Dr. Lujan stated in the EpochTV documentary film “Under the Skin.”

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Gardasil trial caused aluminum-injected patients to develop severe fatigue, cancer

In a Phase 3 clinical trial for Gardasil (FUTURE II study) that took place in Denmark, girls were given either the drug or a “placebo,” though it turned out that the placebo was not actually a placebo and contained aluminum just like Gardasil.

“It was the biggest problem because I was a student at the university and it was very difficult for me to attend the classes as I fell asleep almost daily,” commented Sesilje Petersen, one of the trial participants who developed 40 different symptoms from her shot, one of them being severe fatigue.

“I wrote a list with all my symptoms – there were more than 40 symptoms, and some of them had been severe. I had a tumor on my pituitary gland.”

Petersen, who is intolerant to aluminum and specifically uses aluminum-free deodorant to avoid it, said she was never informed that the “placebo” contained aluminum as Merck lied to participants that it was just “saline,” or saltwater.

“We were not informed about the use of aluminum,” Sesilje said. “The word aluminum was not given to us either in the procedure or in their phone consent form.”

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The “placebo” turned out to be amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate (AAHS), which was first used in human vaccines in 1932 and remained the only adjuvant allowed for use in licensed vaccines for about 70 years.

When AAHS is injected into muscle tissue, it is nearly 100 percent absorbed. It then travels across the blood-brain barrier and accumulates in the brain and other vital organs.

Aluminum is a “cell killer” that misleads the immune system to become overreactive to other bodily components. It also damages the energy supply chain, DNA, and both the brain and nervous system.

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