HERE WE GO: Thousands of Israeli Troops Storm into Gaza as “Rolling Start” to Ground Invasion Reportedly Begins to Wipe Out Hamas (VIDEO)

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Credit: @AlanRMacLeod

The ground invasion to wipe out Hamas once and for all has reportedly begun.

Two US officials have told CBS News that Israel has begun a massive incursion that appears to be a “rolling start” to the ground invasion to annihilate Hamas.

Moreover, US officials tell CBS the invasion will occur in phases and not be one single ground operation.

This incursion is particularly massive. Axios political reporter Barak Ravid confirmed to CNN that thousands of Israeli soldiers have already stormed into Gaza from the north within the past two hours.

In addition to the ground activity, Israeli forces have launched heavy airstrikes on Gaza within the past few hours.


Internet activity in Gaza was previously cut off to millions of people in Gaza. While the reasons at this point are unknown, there could be a possible link with the incursion happening now.

This act by Israel also could be best described as extending middle finger to the United Nations. Earlier today, the worthless organization passed a resolution demanding a ceasefire which was sponsored by several Arab nations.

The Gateway Pundit also previously reported the Biden regime had successfully attempted to get Israel to delay its ground invasion in Gaza.

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This is a developing story and will be updated.

Source material can be found at this site.

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