‘Sanctuary City’ of New York Now Offering Illegal Immigrants Free One-Way Airplane Tickets to Leave

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The supposed ‘sanctuary city’ of New York is now offering free one-way airplane tickets to illegal border crossers to convince them to go somewhere else.

All of that virtue signaling from Mayor Eric Adams went up in smoke pretty quickly, didn’t it?

Here’s an idea. How about flying them back to where they came from?

Axios reported:

NYC is offering migrants plane tickets to leave the city

New York City has started offering migrants airplane tickets to destinations of their choosing in response to an increase of asylum seekers arriving in the city.

Why it matters: More than 130,600 people seeking refuge from humanitarian crises around the world have arrived in New York City since 2022. Mayor Eric Adams (D) has warned that the city is running out of space and resources to house them.

  • City officials have recently discussed giving migrants tents and creating encampments in parks, like Central Park and Prospect Park, and other outdoor spaces, the Wall Street Journal reported this week.
  • In recent weeks, the New York City Fire Department has closed multiple shelters for asylum seekers due to fire safety hazards, according to CBS News.

Details: A spokesperson for Adam said on Friday the city has set up a “reticketing center” where migrants can secure a plane ticket.

Doesn’t this conflict with everything Adams has said in the past?

What happened to all the sanctimonious lecturing from journalists about the poem on the Statue of Liberty? Do they even remember that?

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