THOU SHALT NOT CRITICIZE ISAREL: Social media giants now CENSORING CONTENT that supports people of Gaza and opposes indiscriminate bombings by Israel

In today’s edition of “Here’s another thing so-called Israel controls,” the social media gamut – Facebook Instagram, X (Twitter), YouTube, TikTok and the like – are systematically censoring user content that is critical of the government of the geopolitical nation state they call Israel’s plan to commit genocide and ethnically cleanse the open-air concentration camp it previously created for the people known as “Palestinians,” whom Israel forced off the land it stole back in 1948 and stuffed into the world’s densest prisoner of war ghetto.

That sure was a mouthful, but it is intended to paint an accurate picture of what actually happened there when pasty-white people from Siberia, claiming to be real Jews, stormed the land and took it as their own with the Balfour Declaration in 1917, followed by the actual resettlement in 1948.

It is a history that many of today’s Christians are never told, at least not accurately, but one that gives new insight into what Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, for those who follow end times prophecy. Anyway, whoever these people really are do not want to be criticized online, about anything, especially if you support the 2.3 million people, nearly half of whom are children, who currently live inside the Gaza Strip.

According to reports, the tech giants, also known as Big Tech, are silencing users from Europe, India and even the United States, who express any kind of support for, or speak up on behalf of, the embattled residents of Gaza who, save for God’s supernatural protection, are slated for extermination in the coming days. (Related: Check out this list of 22 devastating consequences that are likely to emerge if Israel and its allies follow through in trying to commit genocide against the people of Gaza.)

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If you don’t “support Israel,” expect to be persecuted

Filmmaker and activist Thomas Maddens of Belgium is one such social media user who tried to share a video he made about Palestine that mentioned the word “genocide.” This word coupled with Palestine apparently triggered TikTok’s algorithms to shadow-ban the video from view – meaning it was still showing up in Maddens’ account, but TikTok is no longer allowing his followers or really anyone to see and access it from his user library.

“I thought I would have gotten millions of views, but the engagement stopped,” Maddens told Al Jazeera about the matter, which is what started to happen initially with a huge spike before TikTok clearly blocked the video internally, causing that wave of views to suddenly and inexplicably stop.

Hundreds of others just like Maddens say the same thing is happening to them, and across many other popular social media platforms all in tandem. Authors, activists, journalists, filmmakers, and even just ordinary people with no substantial “following” are discovering that they are not allowed to support the people of Gaza online, unless they want to be punished for it.

Posts and videos containing hashtags like #IStandWithPalestine and #FreePalestine, as well as content expressing concern about the millions of civilians in Gaza whom Israeli soldiers want to get their hands on, are reportedly not reaching the world like other user content does, clearly indicating that shadow-banning is taking place.

On Instagram, which is part of Facebook and owned by Meta, users say even just the mere mention of “Palestine,” regardless of context, is triggering “community guidelines” violations that punish users for daring to even utter the formal name, as was once given to them by the Romans, of the people who live in Gaza.

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After widespread public outrage that could have cut into the company’s profits, Meta spokesman Andy Stone came out and announced that the “bug” has been “fixed,” claiming that it was just an “error” in the system that punished people for even just mentioning the word Palestine.

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