Egyptian Writer Blasts Hamas for ‘Stupidity and Disconnection from Reality’

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Guest by post by Bob Unruh 

Warns, ‘like all other jihadi movements, lacks any rational thought’

The terrorists of Hamas, through their Oct. 7 atrocities committed against innocent Israeli civilians, some 1,400 of whom died in the attack, exhibited “stupidity and disconnection from reality,” documents an Egyptian writer.

Just like ISIS did on 9/11.

It is the Middle East Media Research Institute that noted the writings of Egyptian Hesham Al-Nagar in the London-based Al-Arab.

He likened the terrorist attack in southern Israel to al-Qaida’s 9/11 attack on the United States, in which some 3,000 innocent civilians died.

MEMRI noted he explained, “The Palestinian Hamas movement … suffered from stupidity and disconnection from reality, an affliction shared by all other jihadist groups when they wage their battles but ignore the question of the legitimacy or significance of this fighting.

“Unlike other Islamic entities, Hamas has the means to survive in the arena and become an inspiring mass movement, thanks to the justice of the cause it defends and the generous support it receives from many parties. [But] this Palestinian movement did not take advantage of the characteristics that make it unique. It was taken over by ideological affiliations and considerations of regional alliances, which brought it to the brink of deterioration and regression that characterize many Islamic and jihadist elements around the world.”

He said Hamas has given in to its demand for short-term gains.

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“The recent events, which led to a war whose repercussions for the Gaza Strip front and other fronts are still unclear, gave rise to a series of comparisons between this Islamist-oriented Palestinian movement [Hamas] and other jihadist entities like al-Qaida. Many felt that Hamas, which is rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood, repeated the sin of al-Qaida, which is part of the Salafi-jihadi movement, namely its September 11 attack on U.S. soil. This [attack] provoked the U.S. and gave it an excuse to invade Afghanistan, after the Taliban [which controlled Afghanistan at the time] refused to surrender the planners of the attack… eliminate [al-Qaida’s] leaders and allow it no foothold in its Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

The events “seem to be repeating themselves in a new arena. The unprecedented organized attacks launched by the elite units of Hamas’ military wing, the Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, on Israeli targets on October 7 made an impact similar to that of the September [11] attacks on the Americans. Israel [now] wants to eliminate Hamas and its control [of Gaza], and is determined to eliminate and exterminate the leaders of this organization.”

MEMRI reported al-Nagar wrote, “This event is unlike the previous ones, in which Israel’s retaliatory [action] was confined to punishing Hamas and causing it to regret [its actions] and suspend its occasional and limited attacks for a long time. This time, Tel Aviv has clearly been dragged into a harsh conflict, after which the situation will not go back to the way it was, due to the blow suffered by [Israel’s] image, the deflation of its military and security arrogance, and the existential danger in which it found itself [on October 7]. According to statements by Israeli officials, this will prompt it to continue its counterattack until Hamas is eliminated.”

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He explained while Hamas appeared to “deceive” the Israeli intelligence operations, “ultimately, it [only] secured itself a place on the roster of organizations devoid of rationality and wisdom, which sought to achieve something big and score some points, without considering its implications and repercussions…”

Hamas, he said, was counting on intervention by the international community, but failed to “consider the fate of the Palestinians, leaving them to be targeted by Israeli fire from the air, sea and land. It did not change its ways, even though it has repeatedly caused the destruction of [Gaza’s] water, power and sewage infrastructures, and given rise to scenes of children’s bodies being pulled out from under the rubble and of families uprooted and fleeing from their homes.”

He said, “Hamas – which, like all other jihadi movements, lacks any rational thought – did not refrain from boasting about the results of its massive attack and presenting it as a glorious battle and a historic victory.”

“[In this it is similar] to al-Qaida, which still celebrates the attacks of September 2001, and to the Egyptian Al-Gamaa al-Islamiya, which celebrates the assassination of President Anwar Al-Sadat in October 1981.”

Hamas, in fact, he said, carried out plans “that would lead to retaliation and the destruction of everything that had been built. This movement, which stunned the world by establishing a formidable military force in just a few years, rushes ahead with ill-advised military adventures, for it understands that the burden of reconstruction will be borne by Arab countries, international organizations and the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah…”

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Now, he said, “other parties” must intervene in order to “heal the wounds” from Hamas’ terror.

“The stupidity and frivolity of the movement’s leaders caused it to be compared to ISIS, and prompted the U.S. to give Israel financial and military aid and greenlight its collective punishment of the Palestinians and its disregard of humanitarian law, the laws of war, international treaties and religious principles,” he said.

He warned, “By continuing the sacrifice with no political returns, it has exhausted the [Palestinian] people, rather than the enemy.”

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