Many Jewish people now turning AGAINST the Israeli government, which they accuse of committing war crimes and genocide

Believe it or not, many Jewish people are taking a stand for Gaza rather than their own Israeli government in the ongoing Israeli war on Palestine.

One of them is Benjy Sherer, a Jewish young man who helps people deal with and overcome trauma and pain, and who also says he does not stand with Israel on this matter because his heart is with the people of Gaza who now face genocide at the hands of Israel and the West.

“I do not stand with Israel at all on what’s going on,” Sherer stated in a recent video he shared to TikTok that is also available for viewing on X – watch below. “And I’m finally starting to realize, for lack of a better term, how brainwashed I’ve been.”

As a Jewish man, Sherer was raised and taught to “love Israel.” He attended both Jewish elementary and Jewish high school, and was raised with a mindset that Israel, whoever and whatever that actually means in the modern context, is the rightful owner of all that land.

“You know, we’re singing the Hatikvah, the national anthem, or we’re singing all these Jewish songs, and we’re taught this one very specific view of history,” Sherer says about what he was taught.

“We were taught, basically, that … the land was ours. We were taught that … ‘Well, we tried to offer them a solution. We tried to offer them peace, and they kept on attacking us. It’s the reason why we kept on gaining more and more land was because they would start wars with us, and we would defend ourselves, and we would just end up with more land, and so we would try to give it back to them every once in a while, but they wouldn’t accept it.'”

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(Related: Another Israeli, a Jewish woman by the name of Yasmin Porat, told Israeli State Radio recently that her Hamas captors in Kibbutz Be’eri actually treated her and the other captives better than the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] did on October 7, the day of the Hamas attack.)

Israeli hypocrisy now on full display, suggests Jewish man

Sherer is now a grown man, and he says he has grown out of what he was taught after witnessing first-hand how his own government is viewing the people of Gaza: as nothing more than “human animals,” to quote several Zionist leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog.

“Now, I’m starting to recognize more and more and more, firstly, that the Palestinians are living at – and this is the phrase that’s being thrown around – an ‘open-air prison,'” Sherer explains in the above video.

“2.2 million people who are being restricted in their food, their water, their electricity, their fuel. Children who are born into a prison who are never going to be able to go, and go anywhere, and do anything, and this has been going on for 50, 60 years. And we were taught to resent them.”

Sherer says he condemns “the killing of innocent people by the Palestinians,” calling it “awful, terrible, inexcusable. But then, watching Israel’s response, he sees nothing by hypocrisy in that Israel has proceeded with “carpet bombing this open-air prison with 2.2 million people.”

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“They’re doing the same thing,” Sherer says about Israel, which he sees as no better than Hamas.

“I do not stand with Israel. I stand with the Palestinian people. I do not understand how we, as Jews, can stand by while a nation cries for freedom. They are trapped there. It might not be as explicit as putting them into gas chambers, but it’s still genocide.”

“And we talked as Jews in regards to the Holocaust of never again. Is it just ‘never again to us?’ Or is it ‘never again?’ Because I thought it meant never again. But we’re still being taught this separation. And this complete lack of identification with what is happening with these people.”

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