WAR, FAMINE, FINANCIAL COLLAPSE… Every engineered crisis is a COVER STORY for a larger globalist crime or power grab

Every crisis currently being engineered is designed to cover up a larger crime or power grab being committed against humanity by the globalist elite.

It takes many years of experience of studying and exposing globalist deception in order to see this pattern. The really “big picture” analysts who see this clear as day include Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, David Icke, Paul Craig Roberts and myself, among others. Each of us has been covering this for 20+ years. In that time, we’ve seen the same playbook repeated again and again: Engineered crisis – Emotional manipulation – Reaction – Globalist end goal. (Often simplified as “Problem-Reaction-Solution” or Hegelian Dialectic.)

9/11 was an engineered event. It was designed to manipulate the American people into supporting a “war on terror,” which unleashed the surveillance state that has been (illegally) deployed against the American people to this day. 9/11, much like Oct. 7 (Israel) was a planned stand down event to achieve a heinous act of terrorism against our own nation so that the government and military could justify onerous actions they wanted to take all along.

The Oklahoma City bombing was another such event. Note that a daycare center in the targeted building produced stories of “blown up babies,” which echoes exactly what we’re hearing today regarding Israel and Hamas. Any time babies are mentioned, you should strongly suspect emotional manipulation and falsely engineered of events. (The current fiction being pushed by pro-Israeli sources is that Hamas cooked an Israeli baby in an oven. This is supposed to provoke outrage among the very same Americans and Israelis who openly condone butchering babies in the womb, by the way, in case you were keeping track.)

The end goal of Oklahoma City was to achieve nationwide gun confiscation. This came shortly after the Assault Weapons Ban was passed by Congress and signed into law in 1994. That law expired in 2004. AR-15 sales have exploded ever since, and now anyone arguing that citizens don’t need firearms to defend themselves is rightly seen as an oblivious idiot… especially after Oct. 7th.

Today, The Powers That Be (TPTB) need a financial collapse to obscure their decades-long financial crimes of printing currency, looting the American people’s bank accounts (and pensions) and manipulating financial markets to keep themselves enriched while the working masses remain enslaved in a cycle of poverty. If not for all the currency counterfeiting operations, most Americans would be quite well off, being able to reap the rewards of their own labor, without the burden of inflation tied around their necks. But if a financial collapse can be blamed on Russia (or China, or Iran), then the criminals who carried out this mass theft can point their fingers at a scapegoat and get away with the entire thing.

A nation of consumers who can’t do basic math will be none the wiser.

Covering up the vaccine death jabs and invoking domestic terrorism to position your government as your savior

Similarly, these same power hungry globalist-run elitists need a military draft (and large war casualties) to cover up their vaccine jab deaths. There’s nothing like war to obscure the shocking number of young Americans who are dropping dead from injected bioweapons. That’s why war in the Middle East is a certainty: The globalist elite need a mass casualty event to obscure the vaccine bioweapons fatalities so that sharp statisticians (like Ed Dowd and his partners) can’t find any more signals in all the (death) noise.

As we have repeatedly covered with war correspondent Michael Yon, the wide open borders across the Southern USA are meant to allow radicalized Middle Eastern terrorists to smuggle weapons and soldiers into the United States. By provoking rage among all those who follow Islam (by carrying out genocidal mass bombings of civilians in Gaza), western leaders have calculated they will set off terrorism attacks against domestic U.S. targets such as infrastructure and civilians. This, in turn, provides the pretext for Biden to both declare martial law and even potentially cancel the 2024 elections. The more fanatic the bombings, the more power the government takes “for your protection.”

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These are just a few examples of how engineered crisis events are used to obscure crimes and seize power. Peace is the enemy of all this, which is why anyone calling for peace right now is labeled either a Putin stooge or an anti-Semite. Peace can never be allowed to intervene in the goals of the globalist elite who plan to exterminate humanity (global depopulation). But to achieve that, they need total control, disarmament of the civilian populations, destruction of the Bill of Rights, control over all online speech and sufficient social support as they commit genocide against humanity.

Everything you are seeing unfold right now is engineered to achieve those goals. That’s why the IDF was ordered to stand down on October 7th, for example. It’s why George Soros is funding pro-Palestine college groups to chant radical anti-Israel slogans in order to invoke a free speech crackdown by conservatives such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. This is a playbook that’s being run against humanity, with easily predictable results since human neurology is easily controlled by governments, media and the invocation of hatred. This is exactly why fictional stories like “Hamas beheaded 40 babies” had to be created and passed off as facts — because they invoke the emotional reaction that’s needed for governments to justify genocide against humanity as a whole.

Remember: What they are doing to Gaza right now is just the opening chapter. The entire human population is next in line…

Every engineered crisis is launched to cover up a crime or a power grab to be used against humanity

Here’s a summary of the most notable crisis events being engineered right now as cover stories for larger crimes carried out by the globalist elite:

– FINANCIAL COLLAPSE covers up the government’s financial crimes and explains away mass poverty by blaming America’s enemies for waging “currency wars.” It also provides a convenient narrative for governments rolling out Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) while eliminating most mid-level retail banks, concentrating financial power in the hands of a few globalist banks like Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Bank of America.

– A MILITARY DRAFT covers up skyrocketing vaccine deaths among America’s youth, blaming their deaths on war (with Islam, most likely). It also covers up the deaths of vaccinated active duty military personnel.

– DOMESTIC TERRORISM (from radical Islamic border crossers) justifies calls for domestic martial law that enables government to attempt nationwide gun confiscation while claiming to be “protecting” the citizens. Watch carefully how upcoming acts of sabotage, terrorism and mass death in the continental United States will be carried out with whatever weapons the administration wants to ban: AR-15s, “ghost guns,” arm braced AR pistols, high-capacity magazines, etc.

– MARTIAL LAW, meanwhile, halts elections and ends any real political reckoning for the same Democrat regime that rigged 2020 and plunged America into inflation, war and despair. That’s why Biden regime officials operate without any sense of accountability. They never plan to be held accountable for anything. Real power means never having to rely on the will of the voters to approve of anything you’re doing. These efforts are aided by the spineless GOP that still won’t demand paper ballots… and who therefore will be clobbered again if there is an election in 2024. (Republicans can only play the role of losers, not leaders, and their only real loyalty is to Israel, not America.)

– FOOD INSECURITY is spreading across America thanks to food inflation, geoengineering (weather weapons) and routine sabotage of America’s food infrastructure (food production facilities, grain storage, etc.). This crisis is engineered to force people onto government food stamp programs which will of course be merged with CBDCs and vaccine compliance, so that the only people allowed to enter grocery stores and receive government-allotted food handouts will be those who take the required jabs and don’t criticize Israel.

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– MASS HOMELESSNESS of the American people is being engineered through spiking home mortgage rates and unaffordable rent. Millions of Americans will lose their homes (which will be taken over by Blackrock and various banks) to live in tent cities that are already being set up in Chicago, NYC and other locations to house illegal immigrants. In a shocking “trading places” event, the illegal migrants will be gifted the homes previously occupied by Americans, thanks to various government grant programs that are already favoring migrants over U.S. veterans, for example, with generous handouts and free housing. In effect, the tent cities of migrants will be swapped out with destitute Americans, while the migrants live in the homes that Americans can no longer afford. Millions of Americans will end up living in tent cities, entirely dependent on government handouts of food and (limited) shelter.

– GEOENGINEERING / WEATHER WEAPONIZATION is used to destroy cities (Acapulco, for example) and obliterate crops and water supplies, ultimately forcing large masses of people into 15-minute cities where they are monitored, controlled and killed off via vaccines and violence. Through weather weaponization, a “global Holodomor” is being unleashed against humanity, making it increasingly difficult for anyone to achieve food self-reliance and thereby resist total control efforts of the globalists. Two outstanding sources on this subject include Dane Wigington (GeoengineeringWatch.org) and David DuByne (Adapt 2030).

There will be no peace and no abundance because that does not serve the interests of the globalists who are working to exterminate humanity

In all this, remember that globalists are actively working to depopulate planet Earth by exterminating billions of human beings. That’s why there will be no peace, no abundance and no freedom  in our world until these globalists are defeated. Some people believe the “white hats” will defeat the globalists. Others think Christ will return and defeat evil, and that all good people will be “raptured” out before the total collapse gets under way. Both viewpoints are probably wildly optimistic. My guess is that the suffering has only begun and we are far from any victory against the anti-human forces that currently dominate planet Earth.

In a recent interview with Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog, cycles expert and analyst Charles Nenner said that in this war cycle, around 2 billion human beings will be killed (about one-quarter of the current world population).

I have similarly predicted that due to engineered famine, war and financial collapse, we will see anywhere from 1 – 4 billion people killed in the next decade, mostly through starvation, violence and war.

The silver lining is that even those of us who see the globalists succeeding (so far) with their extermination plans also agree that they can’t kill us all. There will be survivors, and it might be half (or more) of the current human population. The real question for you, dear reader, is whether you wish to join the survivors. Doing so requires real preparation, since the globalist elite are engineered shortages and crisis events that are designed to leave you destitute, hungry, desperate and homeless.

How to be among the billions who survive, even as billions more are exterminated

Here are the key areas where you need to prepare (with some links to various solutions, some of which are paid sponsors of my podcast). For a more detailed survival course from yours truly, download my free audio book, “Resilient Prepping” at ResilientPrepping.com.

FINANCIAL SURVIVAL: Get out of the fiat currency system as much as you can. Look at gold, silver and privacy-oriented crypto (like Monero) as solutions that will likely hold value much better than fiat currencies. Gold provider we recommend: Treasure Island Coins and Precious Metals. Watch my new show Decentralize TV at Decentralize.TV for 20+ powerful interviews on financial survival and more.

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FOOD SURVIVAL: Have a significant backup food supply, plus the ability to grow your own food in a sustainable way. This means understanding soils, compost, seed saving, permaculture and more. Solutions to consider: ARKseedkits.com and certified organic, lab-tested Ranger Buckets at HealthRangerStore.com.

KINETIC SURVIVAL: Own and train with firearms for self-defense. Stockpile necessary ammunition. Consider ballistic protection vests. Keep it legal. Sources to consider: HopliteArmor.com for ballistic vests. ShieldArms.com for Glocks, folding AR-15s and high-end Glock-compatible magazines. (Discount code “ranger” saves you 10% on everything.) Carry firearms with you where legal and practical.

Also consider our new “Health Ranger Survival Gear” (HRSG) knives, which I co-designed with Dawson Knives. They are made with the revolutionary MagnaCut alloy steel (nearly corrosion proof) and are available now at the Health Ranger Store at this link: https://www.healthrangerstore.com/collections/knives

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MEDICAL SURVIVAL: Own a quality, non-electric water filter. Stockpile necessary first aid items, including topical anti-bacterial treatments such as isopropyl alcohol, povidone iodine, chlorine dioxide, etc. Safrax.com sells chlorine dioxide tablets that are dry, portable and very affordable. I would not face a pandemic without those tablets.

OFF-GRID SURVIVAL: Make sure you have backup energy sources. I own a tractor with a winco PTO generator attached. With this setup, stored diesel can be converted into electricity (diesel can be stored for many years). For smaller scale solutions, consider BeReady123.com, which offers solar generator packages that can store sunlight as energy, and charge your devices or even run blenders or small freezers.

COMMUNICATIONS SURVIVAL: Make sure you have backup comms gear. HAM radio operators are well equipped. Consider satellite comms such as satellite phones and Bivy sticks (satellite-based text messaging). SAT123.com is our sponsor in that space, and they serve tens of thousands of our readers and customers. Don’t be left without a backup comms solution.

Above all, stay informed and be ready for what’s coming, because it’s clear the globalists are driving our world to war, starvation, financial collapse, terrorism and extreme dislocations. I fully expect to see American refugees fleeing collapsing Democrat-run cities, for example. Food banks will be overrun. Online ammo sales will likely be banned under martial law. Gold, silver, seeds and ammo will become common barter items at the local level, with crypto fulfilling the role of transactions at a distance. The life savings of most people (bank accounts, pensions, entitlements) will be utterly wiped out. Only those holding real assets (gold, silver, land, ammo, etc.) will survive the financial apocalypse that’s being engineered.

You will see mass starvation, violence and desperation across a collapsed America. This world war has only just begun, and the evil is just getting started. That’s probably why Martin Armstrong told me this cycle of collapse doesn’t end until 2032.

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