STOP PRETENDING THAT JORDAN IS NOT PALESTINE. The “Two-State-Solution” was already implemented when Jordan was created with land from British Mandate Palestine following the same model as the India-Pakistan partition

STOP PRETENDING THAT JORDAN IS NOT PALESTINE. The “Two-State-Solution” was already implemented when Jordan was created with land from British Mandate Palestine following the same model as the India-Pakistan partition. The Oslo model for the “Two-State-Solution” is dead. If Jews are ethnically cleansed from Judea and Samaria and a new Palestinian Arab State is formed there Hamas will take over and atack Israel from there as it does from Gaza. The Palestinians already have a State in Jordan  where they are the majority of the population
by Ezequiel Doiny
On October 11, 2023 Arutz 7 reported “At least 1,200 killed, Hamas claims over 100 in captivity”
On November 1, 2023 Arutz 7 reported “A spokesman for the Hamas government in Gaza has promised that the terror organization will repeat the October 7 massacre until Israel ceases to exist.  In a video published on X, formerly Twitter, Hamas’ Ghazi Hamad says, “We will repeat the October 7 attack time and again until Israel is annihilated.”
On October 31, 2023 Bassam Tawil wrote in the Gatestone Institute “There is absolutely no difference between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas when it comes to spreading hate against Israel and inciting the murder of Jews.
“…This month alone, the Palestinian Authority will pay the families of the Hamas terrorists who were killed this month at least 11.1 million shekels ($2.7 million) “Pay-for-Slay” reward for perpetrating the atrocities against Israeli civilians.
“…[I]t is not enough to condemn Hamas for the atrocities. The Biden administration and the international community must understand that the hands of Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority also drip with the Hamas victims’ blood…”
If Jews are ethnically cleansed from Judea and Samaria and a Palestinian State is formed there Hamas will take over and atack Israel from there as it does from Gaza.
Watch this video by theisraelguys “The SECRET Takeover of the WEST BANK (Episode 2) Shocking footage”. The video describes how Fayad’s 2009 “creeping anexation” of Area C plan is being implemented today with EU’s funding. There are now 80,000 new Arab buildings in Area C.
Whatch theisraelguys video below:
The Palestinians are not only building ‘facts on the ground’, they are also building an army by smugling weapons. MEMRI reported ”  Iranian IRGC Commander Hossein Salami: ‘Invisible Hands Armed The West Bank – And You [Now] See Modern Automatic Rifles And Automatic Weapons In The Hands Of The Palestinians’…  In an April 18, 2023 speech for Iran’s Military Day, Hossein Salami, commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), said that “invisible hands” – hinting at the Iranian regime – are arming Palestinian organizations with automatic weapons against Israel.  Salami’s statements came several days after rockets were fired into Israel from Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza and Israeli civilians were killed in shooting attacks during the Passover holiday… It should be noted that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has been issuing instructions to arm the West Bank since July 2014…”
On October 25, 2023 the Wall Street Journal reported
Iran and its allies have accelerated efforts to smuggle weapons into the West Bank. A senior Jordanian security official said networks of smugglers, assisted by the Syrian government and Iranian-backed militias like Hizbullah, were growing.
 “The weapons flow has really increased, specifically over the past year. This is because Iran has been much more focused on the West Bank recently, and trying to arm some of the groups there, especially the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which is Iran’s more direct partner,” said Michael Horowitz, Israel-based head of intelligence at Le Beck International, a risk consulting firm.
“Through a network of loyal militias, Tehran has established a land corridor across Iraq and Syria into Lebanon and, via Jordan, into the West Bank, allowing it to transport troops, equipment and weapons to its allies.     Weapons smuggled into Jordan include Iranian replicas of U.S.-made Claymore antipersonnel mines, M4-style assault rifles, TNT and other explosives, and handguns, according to the senior Jordanian official…”
Who will prevent Palestinians from smugling more weapons into Judea and Samaria if Israel withdraws? 
Without settlements there would be no “two-State solution” because Israel would become vulneralable to Hamas missiles and would be destroyed. Without settlements there would be no Jewish State, no “two-State solution”. The Palestinian Arabs already have a Stete in Jordan, the Palestinian Arab State built with land from British Mandate Palestine.
If Israel withdraws from Judea and Samaria who guarantees Judea and Samaria will not become a new Gaza?
Hamas is planning to take over the West Bank. Hamas repeatedly declared they will use Judea and Samaria to attack Israel as they do from Gaza. Surrendering Judea and Samaria will be suicidal for Israel. Hamas will attack Israel from Judea and Samaria as they do from Gaza making normal life in Israel impossible.
On September 21, 2022 JNS reported “According to Col. (res.) Grisha Yakubovich, an expert on Israeli-Palestinian relations and a senior fellow at the MirYam Institute, the mounting attacks are part of a larger trend of the growing dominance of Hamas rhetoric in Judea and Samaria and an ongoing battle for Palestinian hearts and minds based on the message that violence achieves results and that negotiations and diplomacy do not…”
[ raises the possibility that perhaps there are]
 “…preparations by Hamas to attempt a repeat of their 2007 takeover of Gaza – this time in Judea and Samaria,” Yakubovich  cautioned…”
According to pools Hamas is the most likely successor of Abbas (who is 87). On June 29, 2022 World Israel News reported “A new poll of Palestinians in the Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip released on Tuesday shows that the Islamist organization Hamas has edged ahead of Fatah, the PLO’s main nationalist faction, in terms of public support, though backing for both groups is in decline.  The survey conducted by the Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) revealed that 33 percent of Palestinians believe that Hamas should be leading the Palestinian struggle, with only 23 percent opting for Fatah under its current leader, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who has clung to his post since 2005.”

The Jewish-Arab partition was already implemented when Jordan was created out of British Mandate Palestine. This happened at the same time (and was done by the same British Empire) than the India-Pakistan partition. The Palestinians already have a State in Jordan

 The British planned the India-Pakistan Partition in 1947 to solve the Hindu-Muslim conflict, and also at about the same time planned the partition of British Mandate Palestine into an Arab Kingdom (Jordan) next to a Jewish State.

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 The concept of creating “two states for two peoples” was seen as the best solution by the British rulers in the 1940s. The British planned the India-Pakistan Partition in 1947 and the creation of Jordan as an Arab Kingdom next to Israel about the same time. describes the history of the India-Pakistan partition of 1947.

“Mohammad Ali Jinnah, a Western-educated Muslim lawyer, persuaded the participants at the annual Muslim League session in Lahore in 1940 to adopt what later came to be known as the Pakistan Resolution, demanding the division of India into two separate sovereign states, one Muslim, the other Hindu..  On June 3, 1947, Mountbatten, the viceroy (1947) and governor-general (1947-48), announced plans for partition of the British Indian Empire into the nations of India and Pakistan, which itself was divided into east and west wings on either side of India.  The June 3, 1947 Partition Plan was prepared by Mountbatten in consultation with the British Government. It was based on a fundamental principle that transfer of power  should take place according to the wishes of the people.”

“The principle of partition was specified in the plan : The all Muslim majority areas were to constitute part of Pakistan and similarly the Hindu majority areas were to go to India…(2)”  “…What followed was “ethnic cleansing” – a term that was to gain currency later in the 20th century…Partition unleashed untold misery and loss of lives and property as millions of Hindu and Muslim refugees fled either Pakistan or India…Partition resulted in the forced movement of 20 million people (Hindus and Sikhs to India and Muslims to Pakistan). Most estimates of the numbers of people who crossed the boundaries between India and Pakistan in 1947 range between 10 and 12 million.”

The same British who planned the India-Pakistan Partition in 1947 to solve the Hindu-Muslim conflict, also planned the partition of British Mandate Palestine into an Arab Kingdom (Jordan) next to a Jewish State. If Pakistan absorbed MILLIONS of Muslims from India, Jordan must absorb Palestinian refugees.

Why Muslims who escaped India during the Pakistan-India partition are not considered “refugees” today but Arabs who escaped Israel are?

The India-Pakistan partition was created with the idea of “Two States for two peoples” and it was understood Pakistan was supposed to absorb Muslim refugees from India, (at the SAME TIME) the British DELIBERATLY AND MALICIOUSLY SET ISRAEL FOR FAILURE when they separated Jordan from British Mandate Palestine without making it clear it was in the context of a “Two States for two peoples” framework under which JORDAN WAS EXPECTED TO ABSORB ARAB REFUGEES.

Before World War I Palestine was a part of the province of Southern Syria in the Ottoman Empire. In 1916, before WWI ended, the British and the French signed the secret Sikes-Pikot agreement defining their proposed spheres of influence in the Middle East if they won the war. According to the agreement France was allocated to Northern Iraq, Syria and Lebanon while the British would rule over Palestine and southern Iraq.

In 1920, following the provision of the Mandate to France and Britain at San Remo, the UK took control of British Mandate Palestine (Mandatory Palestine) in what is today Israel and Jordan, land captured from the Ottoman Empire.

The McMahon-Hussein correspondence reveals details of a secret deal between Sir Henry McMahon, High Commissioner of the UK in Egypt, and the Sharif of Mecca, Hussain Bin Ali, by which the British would give control of lands captured from the Ottoman Empire to the Sharif of Mecca’s family if the Arabs assisted the British in fighting the Turks during WWI.

In 1921 the UK created the Emirate of Transjordan (Jordan) in the land of Mandatory Palestine East from the Jordan river and appointed Abdullah, son of the Shariff of Mecca, as King of Jordan. (Britain also appointed Abdullah’s brother Faisal as King of Iraq). Jordan was officially under British Mandate Palestine and obtained independence in 1946.

In 1948 when the British Mandate of Palestine finished and the Jewish State of Israel was created, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt (all puppet Kingdoms from the UK) attacked the newborn Jewish State.

Until 1948 Jews were a majority of the population in Jerusalem. On December 11, 2017 Amb. Dore Gold wrote in the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs “By the mid-19th century, the British Consulate in Jerusalem made the following determination, according to this report, which I found in the Public Record Office in Kew, it states that Jews were a majority in Jerusalem, when? already in 1863 – that’s long before Theodor Herzl, before the Britt’s arrived, or Lord Balfour.”

“See the guy on the right, William Seward, he was Secretary of State of the United States during the American civil war, under President Abraham Lincoln.

“When Seward’s term ended, he visited the holy land, he visited Jerusalem. And he wrote a memoir. And in his memoir, it is written, ‘There is a Jewish majority in Jerusalem.'” See William Seward, Travels Around the World (1873)

In 1948 British General Glubb Pasha lead the Jordanian Arab Legion commanded mostly by British Officers* to expel all the Jews from Hebron, East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Not only they did ethnic cleansing but they destroyed dozens of ancient synagogues and 60,000 Ancient Jewish Tombstones in the Sacred Ancient Jewish Cemetery of Mount of Olives to try to erase all evidence of Jewish History in the West Bank. In 1956, after his service in Jordan, the criminal General Glubb, responsible for ethnic cleansing of Jews, was knighted by the Queen. General Glubb was appointed Knight Commander of The Order of Bath by Queen Elizabeth.

The Jewish Virtual Library describes how the Jordanian Arab Legion led by British general Glubb and staffed mostly by British officers ethnically cleansed Jews from Jerusalem. “Before the United Nations voted in favor of the Patition Plan on November 29, 1947, the Arab Legion of Jordan attacked Jerusalem.

Their forces blocked Jerusalem’s roads and cut off the city’s access to water.

After bitter fighting, the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City fell to the vastly superior arms and numbers of the Arab Legion. The surviving Jewish inhabitants fled to the “New City,” the four-fifths of the capital that Israel successfully held.

 The Old City, including the Jewish Quarter, officially fell to Jordan on May 27, 1948.

Nearly twenty years later, during the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel’s army liberated Jerusalem’s Old City, finding the area completely neglected and virtually destroyed.

 … All but one of the thirty five synagogues within the Old City were destroyed; those note completely devastated had been used as hen houses and stables filled with dung-heaps, garbage and carcasses.

 The revered Jewish graveyard on the Mount of Olives was in complete disarray with tens of thousands of tombstones broken into pieces to be used as building materials and large areas of the cemetery leveled to provide a short-cut to a new hotel.

Hundreds of Torah scrolls and thousands of holy books had been plundered and burned to ashes…”

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The Jordanian Arab Legion which led the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Eastern Jerusalem was led by British General Glubb, most of the officers of the Jordanian Arab Legion were British.

Below is a list of British officers that commanded the Jordanian Arab Legion:

*(Divisional Headquarters (under Brigadier Lash), Artillery Batteries/troops (under Lt-Col Hearst),1st Brigade (under Col. Goldie), 1st Regiment (under Lt-Col. Blackden), 3rd Regiment (under Lt-Col Newman), 3rd Brigade (under Col. Ashton), 2nd Regiment (under Maj. Slade) (Details from Laffin (1982a), Lunt (1999), Collins & Lapierre (1972).

The Palestinian National Charter of 1964 defined Palestine as the pre-1967 territory of the State of Israel – specifically excluding the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, claiming they belonged to Jordan. When the area was part of Jordan, the Palestinians affirmed they did not want that land. In 1967, Israel ended the Jordanian occupation of Judea and Samaria (that had started in 1948). In 1968 the Palestinians changed their charter to claim Judea and Samaria (besides, of course, the rest of Israel).

“Palestine and Jordan are one…” said King Abdullah in 1948.

“The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan,”said King Hussein of Jordan, in 1981.

Jordan was created with land from British Mandate Palestine, 78% of the Jordanian population is Palestinian.

The Queen of Jordan is Palestinian, Jordan’s next King will be the son of a Palestinian.

Declaring that Jordan is Palestine seems to be supported by Saudi Arabia with fears  the State of Palestine will be controled by Hamas. On June 30, 2022 David Singer wrote in Arutz 7  “Saudi Arabia has sent US President Joe Biden and the United Nations (UN) a clear message to abandon the idea of creating a new Arab State between Israel and Jordan in an article published in Al-Arabiya News on 8 June headlined: The Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine…MBS has not sought to publically distance himself from Shihabi’s article.  Shihabi lays the groundwork for his proposal:   “The Palestinian problem can only be solved today if it is redefined. The issue in this day and age for people should be not so much the ownership of ancestral land but more the critical need to have a legal identity—a globally respected citizenship that allows a person to operate in the modern world. Labor in this day and age is mobile and having citizenship in a country that facilitates such mobility is critical to human development.  The most logical vehicle for this redefinition and hence for the solution to the Palestine problem is the kingdom of Jordan. Over the last seventy-five years, Jordan has developed into a relatively well-governed state, although the impact of regional political turmoil has caused it to fail economically and become heavily reliant on foreign aid for its survival. It is this Jordanian governance infrastructure that needs to be captured and put to productive use in integrating the millions of Palestinians and Jordanians into a modern, reasonably well-functioning state that would, in an era of real peace and economic integration with Jordan’s neighbors, have a much higher chance of growth and prosperity.  “This proposed enlarged kingdom would include present-day Jordan, Gaza, and the ‘West Bank’ (areas populated by Palestinians attached in a contiguous manner and physically connected to Jordan, i.e., not broken up into islands).”  Shihabi dismisses Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and Jordan claims to be separate entities:   “Jordanians and Palestinians are as similar as any people can be. They are Sunni Arabs from the same neighbourhood. Merging them will not create any long-term ethnic or sectarian fault lines.”

Jordan was a British invention and continued to be a puppet Kingdom of Britain after the British carved it out of British Mandate Palestine in 1946.
On April 12, 2018 David Israel wrote in the Jewish Press ” Addressing the ninth annual Islamic Beit al-Maqdes (the term is borrowed directly from the Hebrew Beit HaMikdash – the Temple) International Conference, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said  “Palestinians and Jordanians are one people in two states – Jordan and Palestine…”

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