RAV’s Ben Bergquam Confronts Cartel Members At The Southern Border (VIDEO)

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Earlier this week Ben Bergquam of RAV was at the southern border south of Arivaca, Arizona. He captured video of cartel members on the Mexican side of the border scouting and preparing to cross into the U.S.

“As soon as I leave, they are heading in because they know there is no border patrol down this way, there is no border patrol down that way, and there is no border patrol inland because they are all being used to send in the illegals. It’s all coordinated, it’s all coordinated it all goes back to the leftist NGOs, the Democrats that are inviting this invasion,” Bergquam said.

“Every single day, America is getting that much closer to dying. This is national suicide. Not only are we bringing in tens of millions of illegals that are gonna be taking from your children and from your pockets, we are inviting in people that want to do us harm,” Bergquam said.


This should be a wake up call to America how bad the situation really is. Everyday we are watching the demise of a great nation. Where is the mainstream media and the Federal Government? They simply don’t care. These are globalists who want to destroy America and impoverish and demoralize Americans because they hate us.

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This is cartel members on the Mexican side of the border waiting to cross into the U.S. They are hesitant because they are being filmed.

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Courtesy Of RAV and Ben Bergquam

The Gateway Pundit recently reported about the border crisis in Sasabe, Arizona with Ben Bergquam.

As Ben was walking along the border wall, you can see countless illegals sitting against the wall, waiting to turn themselves in. Remote areas like this were also used for cartels to run drugs but are also being used now to bring in illegals.

Ben had gone up to numerous individuals that were waiting and asked them in Spanish where they were planning to go. Some said Mississippi, California, Pennsylvania, Nashville, Maryland and New York, among other locations.

He was offering help when he noticed a girl looked sick. He called for help on a satellite phone to the Border Patrol and asked one of them to translate. It turns out she had not eaten in two days.


Source material can be found at this site.

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