Western economies headed for collapse if U.S. and Israel push escalation of war in the Middle East

Author and Russian military expert Andrei Martyanov and free-speech platform Brighteon founder Mike Adams agree that Western economies will be devastated if the United States and Israel continue pushing for the escalation of the conflict in Gaza, simply because their economies would not be able to handle it.

According to Adams, the U.S. may have the biggest military budget in the world however, 90 percent of the money goes to waste due to kickbacks, inefficiency and incompetence. Thus, the West would spend much money to continue the invasion in the Middle East.

“There is an economic asymmetry in the cost of producing systems. I saw research on 155 artillery rounds that says that the U.S. spends about $6,000 per round to produce. Those are not exotic rounds, just kind of standard normal explosive rounds,” the Health Ranger divulged. “Russia can produce the same round, for about 1/10 of that cost. Iran can produce military weapons at a fraction of the cost of the United States.”

Martyanov concurred and cited real economics in Russia’s operations. “Russia already operates six state-of-the-art strategic missiles and submarines. And each sub is around $1 billion. The Columbia class U.S. Navy strategic missile submarine is around $9 billion. Basically, nine for the cost of one American strategic missile submarine, Russia has basically renewed its naval strategic missile deterrent,” he explained.

Now, the Natural News founder pointed out Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen boasting that President Joe Biden’s administration can certainly afford military support to both Israel and Ukraine. “America can certainly afford to stand with Israel and to support Israel’s military needs and we also can and must support Ukraine in its struggle against Russia,” the national treasurer said, adding that the U.S. economy is doing “extremely well.” She also bragged how inflation has come down considerably and that the country has seen the strongest labor market in 50 years with 3.8 percent unemployment. She even disclosed that Biden’s regime passed legislation that is strengthening the economy for the medium term in the coming years. (Related: MONEY PRINTING MADNESS: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says America can “absolutely” afford another war.)

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“We stand with Israel. America has also made clear to Israel, we’re working very closely with the Israelis, that they have a right to defend themselves,” Yellen told Sky News’ Wilfred Frost.

In addition to this, Adams cited her saying, “We can just print money for a two-front war.” And the problem, he said is that people believe this. “And yet I would argue that we can’t afford even a single-front war, because we’re broke. We can’t even protect our border, much less Ukraine’s, Israel’s, or Taiwan’s border.”

“She doesn’t understand the real economy,” the geopolitics expert said. “That’s the problem is that the United States is the biggest exporter of inflation. But the moment countries begin to kind of limit their inflation in dollars, which is already happening as we speak, it is coming back to the United States.” Adams even cracked a joke that “if you put Yellen in charge of the Pentagon and Lloyd Austin in charge of the Treasury, there would be no difference in outcome. None of them know what they’re doing anyway.”

Western MSM’s push for ethnic hatred has always been there

At one point in the show, Adams tackled how in America, the war is pushed to escalate further because the mainstream media pushes ethnic hatred. “It’s almost like a form of psychological terrorism against the American people,” he said and cited two examples. “One, right after the special military operation began in 2022, everyone was told to hate all Russian people. It wasn’t just to hate Russians in the Russian military or to hate [Russian President Vladimir] Putin himself, it was hatred directed at Russian artists, Russian racecar drivers and Russian sports figures,” he said. “The other example right now is the Palestinians. You’re supposed to hate all Palestinians. You are supposed to say that they’re all animals. They’re all dirty dogs and everything, which is incredible racism.”

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The USSR-born writer agreed saying that “Russophobia” has always been present among the “elite shackles in the West.” For him, it’s become normal for the U.S. media especially many corporate journalists in the United States to be basically stooges who share the same hatred. “The American corporate media circle are not only stupid and shysters, but they primarily are people with neocon inclinations and many of them are just downright Zionists. So many of them are like [U.S. Secretary of State Anthony] Blinken, for example, they bear with them their hatred of Russians. It’s extraordinary.”

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Watch the full episode of Mike Adams’ interview with Andrei Martyanov below.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.

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