Michael Yon explains how Gaza mirrors Fallujah, and why Israel and U.S. are making a fatal mistake with latest war

International war correspondent and world traveler Michael Yon appeared on “Brighteon Broadcast News” this week for an emergency broadcast to discuss the escalating situation in Gaza, and why he believes Israel and the United States are making a fatal mistake in their handling of the war.

As someone who saw firsthand what happened in Fallujah back in 2004 after four contractors, including Yon’s personal friend, were killed, Yon worries that the same type of thing is happening again – and that the outcome will be similarly disastrous.

“What’s happening right now with Gaza is very similar to what happened in the Iraq war with Fallujah,” Yon told Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

“There were basically two major wars in the latest Iraq war that we were in: there was the invasion part of it, and then it drifted into a very serious insurgency. We took thousands of casualties.”

Watch the full roughly 40-minute interview with Yon below:

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U.S. insurgency of Fallujah in 2004 resulted in destabilization of Middle East

Just like with what happened in Fallujah, the situation in Gaza right now is quickly spiraling out of control. It is clearly morphing into a total genocide of the Palestinian people, which is riling up the Middle East and drawing increased support for Palestine from all corners of the world.

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In case you are unfamiliar with what happened in Fallujah, the U.S. “went in there hardcore and killed more than 1,000 people” following the deaths of the four contractors. This outsized response triggered major blowback.

Similar to what is happening today, Israel’s response to the Hamas false flag attack that occurred on October 7 has already killed more than 11,000 Palestinians in Gaza, many of them children and sick people at hospitals. And the U.S. is supporting Israel in this genocide, which is making it a target of the outraged Arab world as well.

“Fallujah, the city of mosques, had been mostly peaceful,” Yon says about the state of that city in Iraq prior to the U.S. insurgency, which destabilized the region and only made things worse.

“Muslims from North Africa rolled in,” Yon says. “The bottom line is: people from all over the world flooded into Iraq. It was the ‘Star Wars’ café of jihadists, all over the Middle East.”

In Yon’s view, Israel is not the only liar in this conflict. Hamas is just as guilty of making false claims about death tolls and other matters. However, it is clear that the response to the Hamas attack by Israel and its ally the U.S. is majorly outsized.

“What’s happening in Gaza is like a supersized Fallujah,” is how Yon described it, adding in statements to Adams that this is clearly an unfolding genocide.

“Now, when you say that, people go, ‘oh, you’re pro-Hamas’ – not at all,” Yon clarified. “I realize how dangerous they are, very much.”

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What Yon is saying is that the war is only going to grow because of the way Israel and the U.S. are mishandling all of this – just like they mishandled the response to the four contractor deaths in Fallujah almost 20 years ago.

“Wars are inherently unpredictable,” Yon believes, adding that there is simply no telling how large this war will be or how long this war will continue into the foreseeable future. “The two things that are predictable is that they grow and they get out of control. And they get very out of control in unpredictable ways.”

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