Survivor of Mao’s China Tells Glenn Beck That a ‘Woke’ Cultural Revolution is Happening in America RIGHT NOW (VIDEO)

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Xi Van Fleet is an American legal immigrant who escaped from communist China and even knew the horrors of living under China’s communist dictator Mao Zedong.

She is now raising an alarm and speaking to anyone who will listen, claiming that the ‘woke’ movement of the left is exactly like the Cultural Revolution in China that saw young people turned against their own countrymen in the form of the Red Guard.

She recently spoke to Glenn Beck.

The Blaze reports:

Survivor of Mao’s China warns America is falling for the same tricks: ‘We got slavery’

As Chinese president and communist dictator Xi Jinping steps out in San Francisco to meet with Biden, Glenn Beck is getting to know one of his detractors.

A survivor of Mao’s cultural revolution, Xi Van Fleet is warning Americans about what’s waiting in the not-so-distant future for them.

Van Fleet grew up in communist China and lived through the horrors of the cultural revolution. As a young school girl, she was forced into the countryside along with other school-aged children for re-education.

Once out of high school, she escaped communism and came to America.

30 years later, she sees the same signs in America that she saw as a child in China…

“It looks like it’s different, but it’s the same. This indoctrination of children — it’s exactly the same,” Van Fleet tells Glenn.

“They want to replace the tradition with something new. And in China that is Maoism, and here is Maoism with American characteristics,” she explains, adding, “and then a lot of people fall for it and that is the problem with Marxism. It gives you a beautiful picture.”

Watch the whole video below:

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We should be listening to people like Xi Van Fleet. She has witnessed the future that the American left has in mind for the rest of us and it’s not pretty.

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