Workers Block News Channel From Filming Construction of Massive ‘Migrant Camp’ Site in Chicago (VIDEO)

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Reporters from FOX 32 News in Chicago were recently trying to film the construction of a massive ‘migrant camp’ in the city but were prevented from doing so by workers at the site.

First, the workers used a truck to block the view, then they put up a tarp on the chain-link fence.

What is the city of Chicago trying to hide and why are they doing it?

From FOX 32:

‘What about us?’ Chicago residents push back against migrant site as construction gets underway

After months of pushback from community members, a migrant encampment on Chicago’s South Side is becoming a reality.

Residents who live near 115th and Halsted say construction has been ramping up over the last several days. Yet, officials have not been forthcoming about the details…

On Sunday afternoon, FOX 32 drove to the encampment site to film the progress – but it was something construction crews were quick to cover up.

Behind a newly installed chain link fence that surrounds a once bustling grocery store, there is no denying that movement was being made. Mounds of dirt are on site, along with construction equipment and crew members.

“I heard they were out until 1 o’clock in the morning,” said Annette Cain, community member.

However, the work being completed Sunday wasn’t visible for long. Within 15 minutes of FOX 32 arriving there, a Department of Water Management truck was positioned directly in front of our crew’s camera and tripod – seemingly to obstruct the view.

That’s not all. Workers then lined the chain link fence with a black privacy screen. Now, those passing by cannot see into the lot.

See the video clip below:

Taxpayers in Chicago have an absolute right to see what’s going on here. They’re paying for it.

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