Longtime Business Owner Says He’s Done With San Francisco – Claims City Cares More About Drug Users

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It’s no secret that the city of San Francisco has been struggling in recent years to deal with an increase in homelessness, open drug use and crime.

What we don’t hear about very often is how this affects normal, law abiding people in the city who are trying to make a living and lead their lives.

One business owner who has been in the city for years is now saying he is finished and that the city cares more about drug addicts, criminals and homeless people than anyone else.

FOX News reports:

Business owner says he’s ‘done’ with San Francisco, claims government cares more about injection sites

A longtime owner of multiple businesses in San Francisco condemned local leaders for failing to keep the city safe for small businesses.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Mark Sackett has owned a “South of Market building with a printmaker, antiques shop and events venue called the Box SF for almost two decades” but now faces “financial ruin because he’s been unable to refinance a $2.5 million mortgage due in February.” As a result, his building is allegedly scheduled to be auctioned “at a massive loss” in January, as he anticipates his other businesses will be forced to close, as well.

“Sackett blames widespread drug use, violence and filthy streets in the neighborhood for his inability to address his loan. Since the pandemic, the area has fallen to the worst condition Sackett has ever experienced,” the outlet reported…

“Next door is a drug sobering center that opened last year, and Sackett said people will smoke fentanyl at his building’s loading dock,” it reported. “He said his staff used pepper spray on four people trying to break in, and last year, someone attacked him with a knife. A window is currently broken, and he will have to pay around $4,000 to replace it.”

The city is playing a dangerous game with people like this man. What happens when other business owners get fed up and leave the city, taking their tax revenue with them? Eventually, there is a tipping point that can’t be stopped.

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