Tactical Marine Unit in Eagle Pass Shows Chaos as Border Agents Pull Illegal Alien Women and Children on Verge of Drowning Out of River (VIDEO)

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This is Joe Biden’s America.

Tactical Marines were on the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, Texas earlier this month rescuing illegals who were on the verge of drowning.

Video footage posted to X by Lieutenant Chris Olivarez, a spokesperson with the Texas Department of Public Safety, showed a Tactical Marine Unit pulling desperate illegals out of the river. Some of them are children in a panic trying to stay above water. At one point one of the unit members is performing life-saving CPR compressions on one of the illegals in an effort to revive her.

Some of the illegals were caught in an area where there was dry brush trying to make their way out.

Watch (graphic content):

An additional video posted by Chris Olivarez shows more of the same chaos.

Mothers and children panicking in the water desperately trying to be pulled up onto the boat. You can hear them in Spanish shouting: “Help me please, I beg you.” “Sir save the children, they were swept away. My son!”


This is the reality of the Biden regime. The mainstream media will not cover these stories because it does not fit their narrative.

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The Gateway Pundit recently reported about illegal aliens going through Eagle Pass, Texas.

There was more chaos at the Border in Eagle Pass, Texas earlier this month. Footage posted to X showed illegal aliens pleading for help and complaining that they had been waiting at the border for hours while some of their children were sick.

“We have 40 children with us, and we’ve been here since 11:00 PM last night and a lot of the children are sick,” one of the illegals said, according to a translation from Spanish to English.


Source material can be found at this site.

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