Five Men Arrested After Police Post Fake Ad Promoting ‘Sexual Services From Minors’

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Five Canadian men were arrested after police posted a fake ad promoting “sexual services for minors.”

The Durham Regional Police Service in Ontario said that the fake advertisement was visited more than 6,600 times in four days and received messages from over 600 different phone numbers.

The ad was part of Project Firebird, an operation by the Human Trafficking Unit to crack down on pedophiles seeking minors.

“An ad was published to create the illusion that individuals can purchase sexual services from minors,” police said Thursday, according to a report from Global News. “The ad was visited 6,678 times in a four-day period and received messages from over 600 different phone numbers.”

During the bust, police arrested Krish Subiah, 37, from Clarington, Rajwant Singh, 30, from Belleville, Mahbubar Rahman, 48, from Pickering, Sarangan Kirupamoorthy, 28, from Whitby, and Rajasekaran Natarajan, 38, from Clarington, Durham Radio News reports.

All of the men have been charged with luring a child for the purpose of obtaining sexual services (under 18 years), obtaining sexual services (under 18 years) and invitation to sexual touching (under 16 years).

The Durham Regional Police Service is asking anyone with any new information about this incident or other incidents to contact them.

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