Pope Red Francis Goes from Meeting with Transgender Sex Workers in the Vatican to Bashing Jews

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Pope Red Francis went from holding a transgender rally at the Vatican to targeting Jews.  This man does not represent Catholics.

Over the past few days, Pope Francis invited a group of transgenders to the Vatican.

FOX News reported:

Pope Francis hosted a group of transgender women — many of whom are sex workers or migrants from Latin America — to a Vatican luncheon for the Catholic Church’s “World Day of the Poor” last week.

The pontiff and the transgender women have formed a close relationship since the pope came to their aid during the COVID-19 pandemic, when they were unable to work. Now, they meet monthly for VIP visits with the pope and receive medicine, money and shampoo any day, according to The Associated Press.

Shortly after that, Red Francis went after the Jews in Israel for going after the murderers, rapists and kidnappers who stormed their country on Oct 7:

Pope Francis has triggered a backlash from Jewish groups who see his comments over the Israeli-Palestinian war as accusing both Hamas and Israel of “terrorism.”

The pontiff met Jewish families with relatives held hostage by Hamas, and Palestinians with families still in the Gaza Strip. He told an audience in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City that he recognized suffering on both sides, saying: “This is what wars do. But here we have gone beyond wars. This is not war. This is terrorism.”

This Pope does not speak for Catholics.  He’s destroying the church.

Pope Red Francis is part of the operation to take over the world by destroying all things good. 

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