Chaos on Southwest Airlines: Passenger Opens Emergency Exit, Jumps Out, and Tries to Hijack Airport Vehicle (VIDEO)

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On Sunday evening, a passenger on Southwest Airlines flight 3172 from New Orleans to Atlanta opened the emergency exit door while the plane was still at the gate. The passenger jumped off the plane onto the tarmac and tried to drive away in a service truck.

Eyewitnesses recounted the shocking moments when the man opened the over-wing emergency exit door while aboard the Southwest Airlines flight. He was seen walking on the aircraft’s wing before jumping down to the tarmac.

He then attempted to hijack a service truck, running across the tarmac in a bid to drive away. However, his attempt was thwarted as authorities intervened promptly.


Following the incident, the JPSO took the man into custody, and he was later escorted to a hospital for evaluation. The man’s identity remains undisclosed as of now.

Southwest Airlines officials issued a statement to WWL Louisiana, acknowledging the incident. They commended the quick response of their flight and ground crews, expressing their apologies to customers for the inconvenience caused.

As of the latest reports, no criminal charges have been filed against the man. However, the JPSO has referred the case to federal authorities for further investigation.

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