Shocking Incident on Frontier Flight: Woman Drops Pants and Threatens to Pee in the Aisle After Being Denied Lavatory Access by Flight Attendant (VIDEO)

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A Spanish-speaking woman aboard a Frontier Airlines flight from Florida to Philadelphia on November 20, 2023, caused an uproar among passengers when she pulled down her pants and squatted to urinate in the aisle after being denied access to the lavatory by a flight attendant.

The woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, shocked everyone on board by stripping naked from the waist down in the plane’s aisle.

The incident began when the woman, apparently in urgent need of using the bathroom, was informed by the flight attendant that she couldn’t access the lavatory at that time.

In response, she proceeded to pull down her pants and underwear, preparing to urinate right there in the middle of the packed aisle. This shocking act elicited roars of disgust and shock from fellow passengers.

Yet, as the uproar from other passengers grew, she desisted, pulling her trousers back up before she could follow through on her threat.

 This led to an outburst from the distressed woman, who defiantly declared, “I don’t give a f*ck,” amidst a flurry of expletives directed at those nearby.

Julie Hartman shared details of the incident on Facebook, expressing her horror at the event which unfolded as they were flying home from Florida. Hartman recounted how the woman made threats against another passenger’s life and even became confrontational after being urged to sit down.

“Matthew Hartman and I had the most awful experience flying home from Florida this afternoon. A passenger was upset that she was required to sit in her assigned seat and decided to pull her pants down on the plane right in front of two children. I literally had a front-row seat to the spectacle. She threatened to kill another passenger. She threatened me after I told her to sit down. I hope she was arrested and banned from flying again. Videos in the comments. Beware its VERY graphic and vulgar,” Hartman wrote.

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“She was just throwing and temper tantrum. She got embarrassed because she was asked to move to her correct seat and decided to try and push the flight attendant around,” Hartman responded to one of the comments. She said the incident happened during the landing.

When asked if the lady was arrested or detained, Hartman wrote, “We booked it out of there so I don’t know. There was security all around waiting though.”


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