MISTRIAL INCOMING: Video footage depicts gross misconduct by Judge Engoron’s law clerk in Trump trial

The civil fraud case against President Donald Trump has hit a snag after Judge Arthur Engoron’s law clerk, Allison Greenfield, was exposed for previously praising Joe Biden as the “best president in the history of the United States.”

Greenfield made the cringeworthy comment while attending a Democrat fundraiser back in October 2022. While she sat in the front row, Greenfield yelled “Yeah!” while shaking her head in agreement with Democrat politician speakers as they bashed Trump.

All of this took place while the Trump civil fraud case was still pending, which many say constitutes a mistrial. Greenfield’s bias apparently invalidates her as a qualified law clerk in the case.

Circulating videos also show Greenfield campaigning and gathering signatures for Letitia James in her 2022 primary campaign for New York State Attorney General. Greenfield did this “petitioning” alongside the Grand Street Democrats.

(Related: Judge Engoron’s wife was accused of posting anti-Trump content to social media, but she later denied any involvement.)

Are defense attorneys in Trump trial scared of Judge Engoron?

There is growing suspicion as to why defense attorneys Alina Habba and Chris Kise are not showing Judge Engoron any of this evidence. Could it be that they are scared of him?

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“Hobo Judge Engoron must be removed from the bench!” one X (formerly Twitter) account tweeted, noting that Greenfield “has touched every part” of the Trump case. “No clearer case of judicial bias has ever existed.”

“Allison Greenfield should be hauled before the Attorney Grievance Committee and disbarred!”

It was evident to many from the case’s get-go that there is blatant bias against Trump in the courtroom. One wonders where all the Republican lawmakers are to call for a mistrial.

“This is one of many reasons for a mistrial,” a commenter added, pointing out that the case is riddled with problems that suggest it needs to be canceled.

“Ain’t gonna happen because it’s fixed,” responded another. “Trump loses tails, state wins. And the Republicans sit on their hands and watch it all go down.”

Others agreed that this is yet another clear case of leftists flouting the law with pride, knowing that the system is rigged and they are unlikely to ever be held accountable for their crimes.

“Leftists don’t care about the law, ever, unless they can bend it to punish their foes,” one wrote. “And the GOP? Totally feckless. The leadership hates Trump more than they disagree with Dems.”

This is what is known as a uniparty when there is no more clear distinction between Democrats and Republicans, and when both parties seem to be supporting the same things and refusing to hold each other accountable.

Many seem to want to know: Where are the Republicans in all this, and why are they not screaming and yelling for a mistrial?

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“Any member of Congress, any senator for that matter, who is a member of the bar should be up in arms over this,” another wrote. “Sick and tired of being ruled by limp-wristed, stupid egotists.”

“Engoron isn’t going to declare a mistrial of a case that is proceeding according to plan,” responded another. “People seem to not understand that a declaration of ‘mistrial’ is the responsibility of the trial judge. If he doesn’t declare a mistrial when one should have been declared, that’s reversible error on appeal.”

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