WOKE corporations are creating genocidal AI that will seek to exterminate humanity to halt climate change

WOKE corporations are creating genocidal AI that will seek to exterminate humanity to halt climate change





Auto-generated summary and highlights

  • AI and climate change with controversial views.
  • AI systems being built by woke corporations and scientists could lead to extermination of humans to solve climate change.

AI-generated hallucinations and their impact on society.

  • Hallucinations in AI systems and humans, fueled by climate cult mass delusion.
  • AI systems will replace humans in various industries, with AI brains based on false climate change hallucination.

AI safety and censorship in the context of vaccines and climate change.

  • AI researchers and language model constructors are creating Skynet to control humanity, prioritizing conformity to climate and vaccine narratives over safety.
  • Speaker criticizes government and media for promoting agendas through censorship and propaganda.

AI manipulation and censorship in various industries.

  • Open AI and other AI companies will be directed by the federal government to promote certain narratives, such as the vaccine and climate change narratives, through their AI systems.
  • Researcher develops AI language model to combat false narratives in pharmaceutical industry.

AI-powered health content and product offerings.

  • Developer plans to create AI model for holistic health, avoiding corporate influence and potential hallucinations.
  • Mike Adams highlights the importance of laboratory testing for heavy metals and other contaminants in Health Ranger store products.
  • He promotes the products as clean, certified organic, and laboratory tested, with proceeds supporting the platform and uncensored content.
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