DEPOP OP: One million COVID vaccinated died in England over past year compared to just 61,000 unvaccinated

Over the past two years, excess deaths in England have soared, particularly among the “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

New government data shows that one million fully jabbed people in England have died since the start of 2022, this compared to just 61,000 unvaccinated people in England.

About one in three English people never received a single COVID injection. Based on the high number of excess deaths among the remaining two thirds of English people who received at least one COVID injection, one would expect there to be far more than just 61,000 unvaccinated deaths if COVID jabs really are “safe and effective” as claimed.

The fact that there were only 61,000 unvaccinated deaths compared to one million vaccinated deaths based on the 1:3 ratio of vaccinated versus unvaccinated across English society shows that the fully jabbed are dying at a significantly higher rate than the unvaccinated.

“According to the UK Government department known as the UK Health Agency (UKHSA), by 3rd July 2022, 18.9 million people had refused the first dose of the COVID-19 injection, 21.5 million people had refused the 2nd dose of the COVID-19 injection, alongside 2.6 million people who had received the first dose but refused the second, and 30.4 million people had refused the third dose of the Covid-19 injection alongside 8.9 million people who had received the second dose but refused the third,” a data report explains.

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“According to the UKHSA’s figures, 63.4 million people were eligible for vaccination at this point. Therefore, 18.9 million people refused the COVID-19 vaccine in England and remained completely unvaccinated. But on top of this, a further 2.6 million refused a second dose, meaning 21.5 million people were not double vaccinated, and 8.9 million people refused a third dose, meaning 30.4 million people were not triple vaccinated.”

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Fully COVID jabbed accounted for 95% of all COVID deaths between January and May 2023 in England

As of July 2022, 30 percent of the population of England remained completely unvaccinated. Another 34 percent are only single jabbed, while the remainder are double but not triple jabbed.

Based on all this, the vaccinated population of England accounted for 95 percent of all COVID deaths between January and May 2023. The unvaccinated population, conversely, accounted for just five percent of all deaths during this time period.

The vast majority of all COVID deaths in England, around 80 percent, are occurring among the quadruple-vaccinated. The quadruple-vaccinated also account for 83 percent of all COVID deaths among those who received at least one COVID injection.

Ever since July 2021 at the height of Operation Warp Speed, the vaccinated have far surpassed the unvaccinated in terms of death – and this is true among every age group. This is despite the fact that 30 percent of the English population never took a single COVID jab.

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Between July 2021 and May 2023, a whopping 94 percent of all deaths in England occurred in people who were COVID jabbed at least one. Conversely, just six percent of all deaths during that same time period occurred in the unvaccinated.

“This more suggests that the Covid-19 injections are deadly, and prove that they are killing people,” reported The Exposé. “And we can be certain that COVID-19 Vaccination greatly increases mortality. So when will the Government discontinue their use?”

“This is a pandemic of the vaccinated,” someone commented, adding to the conversation. “It would be funny if it were not so sinister an agenda.”

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