Ha- Mass Surrender: “Terrorists Surrendering, System Disintegrating” as Hamas Beats and Robs Gazans for Aid



At least 150 Hamas Terrorists have surrendered to the Israeli Army as IDF Arabic spokesman Avichay Adraee posted a video showing Hamas terrorists beating Gazans to steal their humanitarian aid. 106 IDF soldiers have died since the beginning of Operation “Swords of Iron,” and 1,593 Israeli soldiers have been injured. Over 7000 terrorists have been eliminated.

Video circulating on social media on Saturday appeared to show dozens of Hamas terrorists surrendering to IDF soldiers at the UNRWA compound in Jabalia. The video shows the men with their arms raised, dressed only in underwear. One of the terrorists hands over his weapon to Israeli troops.


More than 150 terrorists were seen surrendering to IDF soldiers in Khan Yunis, JNS reports.

During a Chanukah candle-lighting ceremony with Nahal Brigade soldiers and reservists Saturday night, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi said, “We see terrorists surrendering, a sign of the disintegration of the system, a sign that we need to push harder.”

“New photos that we reveal today prove there is a conflict between Hamas and the residents of Gaza, as Hamas members beat Gazans in the Shujaiya neighborhood and looted bags of humanitarian supplies that were brought into the Gaza Strip,” IDF Arabic spokesman Avichay Adraee said.

“In videos taken by the IDF, Hamas members appear to take equipment from civilians, load it onto a Hamas car, beat civilians, and then drive their cars to a location known to be linked to the movement. The Hamas terrorist organization deprives the residents of Gaza of food and equipment and delivers them to its members and terrorist needs. Hamas leaders do not care about the people of Gaza and their suffering. Hamas is the enemy of the people in Gaza,” Adraee wrote.

The IDF revealed the Hezbollah terrorist organization launched several rockets towards Israel Saturday night. One of the rockets was launched from 20 meters away from a United Nations compound in southern Lebanon.

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“The Hezbollah terrorist organization continues to fire toward the State of Israel from areas located only a few meters away from a U.N. compound. In doing so, the terrorist organization endangers the lives of UNIFIL soldiers and continues to systematically violate UNSC Resolution 1701,” the IDF said in a statement.

Over the past day, IDF ground, aerial, and naval forces continued to strike terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, striking over 250 terror targets, Arutz Sheva reports.

IDF troops located and destroyed weapons stocks, carried out targeted raids on military sites, destroyed underground terror tunnel shafts, and thwarted armed terrorist cells planning to attack IDF troops.

Overnight, an IDF fighter jet directed by ground troops struck a Hamas military communications site located adjacent to a mosque in the southern Gaza Strip. Following the strike, the troops conducted a targeted raid on the site.

IDF troops fired with precise munitions and struck underground tunnel shafts in Khan Yunis. In addition, a drone assisted IDF troops in identifying an armed terrorist cell that planned to attack additional IDF troops forces in the area. The terrorist cell was eliminated.

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IDF troops raided a Hamas command center in Shejaiya, where they located weapons, including AK-47 rifles, grenades, anti-tank missile launchers, ammunition, and additional military equipment.

During the fighting in the “terrorist stronghold” Shejaiya, soldiers of the Golani Infantry Brigade uncovered some 15 tunnel shafts and large amounts of ammunition and killed “many” terrorists, the IDF said Sunday.

Dramatic footage released by the IDF on Saturday shows members of the Nahal Infantry Brigade’s 931st Battalion battling Hamas operatives in Jabalia.

A video released by the IDF shows soldiers from the Yahalom combat engineering unit’s special forces engaged in a shootout with terrorists in the city.

“The troops conducted a firefight from outside the building. After entering the building, the troops searched and identified two terrorists who fired at them and threw a grenade in their direction. The soldiers engaged, shot, and eliminated the terrorist,” the IDF said.

The IDF has released casualty figures from the battles in the Gaza Strip for the first time: Since the beginning of Operation “Swords of Iron,” 1,593 Israeli soldiers have been injured – 255 of them seriously, 446 moderately and 892 lightly injured, IDF announced.

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106 IDF soldiers fell in battle since the beginning of the ground incursion in Gaza on Oct. 27.

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