SLASH AND BURN: Javier Milei Cuts Almost a Dozen Government Ministries on His First Day in Office

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Argentina’s new President Javier Milei promised the people of his country that if elected, he would slash the size of their government and so far, he is delivering.

On his first day in office, he cut the number of government ministries from 21 to 9 and he is probably not even finished yet.

The departments he cut are largely the ones based on progressive ideas like social justice. He is clearly serious about radical reform for Argentina.

RedState reports:

Javier Milei Takes Office in Argentina, and His First Move Immediately Triggers All the Right People

For the first time in decades, Argentina is no longer ruled by socialists. Libertarian-leaning President Javier Milei was officially sworn in on Sunday, marking a major turning point in the country’s battle against hyperinflation and economic decline.

In November, Argentina reached 183 percent inflation for 2023, impoverishing around 40 percent of the country, a reality that helped sweep Milei into power. Now, he’s taking action, with his first move in office being an executive order that slashes the number of government ministries from 21 to nine. Among those put on the chopping block was the ministry of “women, genders, and diversity,” a move he recently telegraphed in his criticisms of “social justice.”

It didn’t take long for the hand-wringing to begin in the press. PBS News published an article dripping with sanctimony, claiming that Milei’s ideas are “outlandish” and “radical.” What makes that so ironic is that the very same article admits that Argentina is in dire straits.

Can we do this here in America?

Trump should be paying close attention to this.

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