IT’S COME TO THIS: Anti-Israel Students Protest Jerry Seinfeld Comedy Show in Syracuse, New York

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The radical, anti-Israel left on college campuses is completely out of control and getting worse.

This week, multiple left-wing groups from Syracuse University in New York actually protested outside of a stand-up comedy show by American comedy giant Jerry Seinfeld, who is Jewish but non-political.

Seinfeld has publicly stated that he will no longer perform on college campuses because so many students are offended by everything and do not like or appreciate comedy. These students are proving that he was absolutely right.

The Daily Orange, an independent news outlet that is run by Syracuse students reported:

Hundreds march for Palestine downtown, protest Jerry Seinfeld show

Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Syracuse to rally in support of Palestine, calling for a cease-fire and protesting Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up show Friday evening.

The local “Shut It Down For Palestine” demonstration — organized by the Syracuse chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, the Syracuse Collective for Palestinian Liberation, the Resilient Indigenous Action Collective and the Syracuse chapter of the Party for Socialism and Liberation — was the latest of several similar pro-Palestine demonstrations on college campuses and in cities across the country following the start of the Israel-Hamas war.

The protesters marched from Clinton Square down S. Salina Street to the Landmark Theatre, where Seinfeld’s stand-up show was scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. Seinfeld was one of over 700 Hollywood celebrities to sign an open letter in support of Israel following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack…

As people entered Landmark Theater for Seinfeld’s show, protestors stood outside. Police placed themselves between the two groups, forming a pathway for those looking to get inside the building while protestors chanted that Seinfeld was “complicit in genocide.”

If these students want to make people hate them and everything they represent, they’re doing a great job.

These left-wing fascist students are going to keep doing this until there are real consequences for it.

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