Outrageous! Woke Harvard President will KEEP Her Job Despite Alleged Plagiarism Scandal and Refusing to Condemn Antisemitism on Campus

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Harvard University President Claudine Gay (Screenshot: Harvard University/Youtube)

Harvard University will reportedly keep their woke president Claudine Gay despite an alleged plagiarism scandal and her refusal to condemn vile anti-semitic remarks of genocide on campus.

The Harvard Crimson reported the Harvard Corporation came to the conclusion after a board meeting Monday night and will officially announce the decision Tuesday morning.

The Corporation released a statement possibly previewing the “official” reason why.

The board says calling for Jewish genocide is a “complex” issue.

Over her three decades as a professor and dean, she has made it clear that she is committed to fostering a university climate that does not tolerate harassment or bullying.

While the current issues at play are complex, her commitment to fighting antisemitism, Islamophobia and racism has never wavered.

President Gay is the right leader to guide the University during this challenging time.

The Crimson notes the Board’s decision comes as more than 700 faculty signed a letter Monday demanding the body to resist calls to remove Gay from her undeserved post.

Billionaire hedge fund manager and Harvard alum Bill Ackman said the board did not want to look like it was caving to his demands for her ouster.

Ackman previously revealed that Gay was hired to satisfy the Harvard’s diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) quota.

The Gateway Pundit’s Benjamin Wetmore notes that Gay was among Presidents of several other elite colleges who refused to condemn calling for the “genocide of Jews” as hate speech during her congressional testimony last week. Mobile video trucks are also driving around Harvard urging Gay to resign.

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The New York Post reports Harvard has lost more than $1 billion in donations since Gay’s pathetic testimony.

Her troubles grew further Monday after it was revealed by conservative journalist Chris Rufo that she plagiarized her Phd thesis. One of her victims was award-winning conservative political scientist Carol Swaim.

But Harvard in their “wisdom” believes such cowardice and academic misconduct from Gay is just fine. No doubt if she was a regular student or a conservative she would be canned.

White privilege may be a myth but elite liberal privilege is alive and well.

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